There is no magic pill for weight loss, but there are a few sneaky weight loss tricks and tips you can implement to give yourself the best chance to get the body you really deserve. Have a read and give some of these tips a go to promote a healthy weight loss routine.

1. If you must keep unhealthy snacks, keep them out of reach! Out of sight, out of mind. Never has a saying been more true! If you cannot see it, you are less likely to think about it and consequently less likely to eat it! If they are sitting opposite you well within reach they are going to be hard to resist. If you have treats for a special occasion keep them well out the way of your view.

2. Never dine at your desk. When we eat while we are distracted we do not actually pay attention to the food we are eating. All this means is we are left unsatisfied and wanting more because we have not registered what we have consumed.

3. Portion control! So often we stumble on our weight loss journey due to portion control or rather lack of. Begin by placing your meals onto a smaller plate, knowing you can go for more if needed. More often than not you will feel satisfied with your original portion.

4. Keep a food diary. You need not spend your life counting calories, but you can still keep a general food diary to keep yourself accountable and promote healthier food and snack choices. Every so often it is a good idea to track what you eat in a day or a week. Sometimes it can be very eye opening!

5. Avoid processed and packaged foods. Packaged foods are usually full to the brim of artificial colorings, sugars and additives that leave you feeling lethargic and bloated. Opt for whole foods, plenty of nutritious fruits, veg and whole grains.

6. Never go food shopping hungry – enough said!

7. Brush your teeth straight after your evening meal. Minty flavours can stop the sugar cravings kicking in and prevent you from reaching for those late night unhealthy snacks!

8. Unplug and practice eating mindfully. Switch off the TV, your laptop and phone and just try to sit and eat mindfully and slowly. Giving your body a chance to digest will allow your brain and stomach to communicate signals clearly to prevent over-eating.

9. Choose a small indulgence. Choose something (small being the key word) to enjoy of an evening or afternoon whenever you most crave it. This might be one glass of wine or a square of dark chocolate. By treating yourself little and often you are less likely to over indulge and fall completely off track on the weekends.

10. Pack your lunch. Even if you work from home, packing your lunch the night before can be a great way to ensure you stick to your portions and avoid unhealthy snacking due to lack of preparation.

11. Drink plenty of water before your meals. So often when we think we are hungry we really just haven’t drunk enough water. By drinking a sufficient amount of water at least 30 minutes before we eat a meal our stomachs become less hungry and we are less likely to over indulge. It is also a great idea to start your day with water and lemon to promote digestion and flush out toxins.

12. Be sure to include plenty of protein and fibre in each meal. Protein and fibre helps keep us fuller for longer. Be sure to load your plate with lots of veggies to accompany your lean meat, fish, eggs or pulses.

13. Get plenty of sleep. Did you know sleep deprivation can seriously mess with your hunger hormones. This imbalance can lead to consuming up to 500 excess calories a day due to the raised levels of appetite hormones!

14. Get your daily steps. Movement is so important and goes way beyond your 30 minute scheduled exercise session. By moving throughout the day (hourly at least) particularly when you work an office job can do absolute wonders for your metabolism and the amount of calories you burn daily. Check out these tips for staying active while working from home here

15. Celebrate your small victories. Research suggests that dieters who acknowledge their successes are far more likely to stick to their long term weight loss goals. Acknowledge at least one success each day, say it out loud or write it down to boost your motivation and keep you working hard. Our niix community is all about sharing one another’s success and keeping each other motivated. We’d love to know about your small victories this week! Head on over to Facebook to join us and get involved, click here

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