They say a picture is worth 100 words and this could not be any more true when it comes to progress pictures and why they are so effective.

Taking pictures at the beginning of your fitness journey or a particular challenge is an invaluable tool for measuring success. Not only can these pictures show what a scale number can’t, they are a fantastic motivator to keep you positive on your journey. Your weight on the scales really tells you nothing about how healthy you are, how lean you are and how great you look. Have a read on why you should ‘ditch the scales’ here

Looking and feeling your best is the only true measurement we are looking for here, and that is why in my experience progress pics are the most beneficial. It is so encouraging to see visual changes in your body and just really sets you up for a bright future when it comes to keeping on top of your goals. Everyone has different reasons for working out. Whether it be weight – loss, toning, strengthening, building muscle or just feeling good. Even if weight – loss is not your main goal, celebrating your progress is so important, even if you keep it entirely to yourself!

Here are some reasons on why taking progress pics is a great measuring tool:

1. Above all they keep you accountable for yourself

When you get into a good exercise rhythm it can be easy to say ‘I worked really hard last week, so I’ll take this week a little easier’… however once you know in your own mind that you will be taking photos of yourself in a few weeks you are far more likely to stick to your consistent training plan and make healthier choices.

2. The scales do not show the full picture

When you step on the scales so do you bathroom habits, sleeping habits, hydration habits, time of the month and so much more. There are so many things that contribute to fluctuating weight. From when you last consumed water to how well you slept. Not to mention if your aim is to build muscle more often than not you will see the scales creep up a little at first while your body adjusts. Always be mindful when it comes to stepping on the scales. I always focus on how I feel in my clothes, how I look and most importantly how I feel about how I look… progress pictures can show us exactly that.

3. Gain support from others

If you are really serious about making a change and sticking to it social media is your friend! Simply type in #transformationtuesday and you will be completely flooded with others who are sweating it out daily just like you. These people are your viral support system. Get involved with a community and share share share. We are all here to support and motivate each other, never feel shy or self – conscious about the amazing changes you are making to a stronger, fitter and healthier life.

Taking your progress pictures…

When you have built up the courage to step in front of the mirror and take your shots there are a few steps to make this easier, have a read!

  1. Decide on a photo day and stick to it. Whether it is one week, one month or 6 weeks. Pencil it in your diary and DO NOT every change it. This is now your target date and something to work for.
  2. Wear a simple, plain outfit (no loose or baggy clothing!)
  3. Try and find a location where you have full length view of yourself or at the very least to the knees
  4. Stand in a basic pose nice and upright
  5. Try some different angles, from the front, side and back
  6. Ask someone to take the picture for you, use self timer or if needs must take a mirror photo yourself.

Now it’s time to get busy getting fit! I would LOVE all you niix #challengers to take these photos as a motivator and something to look back on (please remember the challenge must be paired with a healthy, balanced diet. Head to our blog on creating a calorie deficit for more nutritional info). At the end of the challenge you can go back and take some pictured of your current self and compare the two. I can promise you if you really stick to both exercising and a healthy diet you WILL see results that can make you proud. Who’s with me!

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