Three Ways Exercise Creates Time for You You think you don’t have time to exercise? I say you don’t have time not to
When you exercise, you can tune out and focus your mind on your body, rather than work, family or any other concerns. By retuning your focus, you effectively give your mind a mini-vacation. This means when you go back to work or your day-to-day routine, you might find you have new insights into problems. You’ll certainly feel calmer and more relaxed, as exercise releases hormones in the body that keep us calmer and happier than when we don’t get as much movement as we need. This means that we spend less time on fixing emotional errors, more time being present with ourselves and others – and that makes time slow down, giving us the sense that life is moving at a pace we can enjoy. As Joseph Pilates said, ‘‘physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’’  
Scheduled physical activity increases energy levels more than taking a nap – and the reason it needs to be scheduled is because you actually need to do it. When you write something in your diary, you’re more likely to make that commitment happen. Even people with heart disease and other ailments can increase their energy levels by putting exercise activity in their lives. More energy means you have the ability to get more things done. This is especially useful when you find you’re slaving away on something that should not take as long as it is: we’ve all been in situations when our lack of focus means we’re working longer and harder at something that essentially doesn’t need that much attention. An increase in mental energy means better solutions and faster results – leaving more time for play. A study from the University of Georgia proves that exercise boosts energy: http://news.uga.edu/releases/article/uga-kinesiology-exercise-boosts-energy/  
Even when movement is the last thing you might want after a long day at work, exercise will often improve your mood, your emotions and your clarity of thought. Oddly enough, the processed-food industry understands that we always want more energy and so tries to supply it through sports drinks, energy bars and coffee. But what we really need to do is to get up, get through that initial feeling of fatigue, get our circulation going and breathe. Before you know it, you’ll be able to think more clearly and feel more energised. You’ll also find you’re your productivity goes up, and that foggy feeling is gone.

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