We all know the vicious cycle, when life gets busy and our schedule stacks up, very often we find it tricky to focus on our health. When we let our good, healthy habits slip we begin to feel sluggish, fatigued and even a little poorly. Ultimately this can lead to us feeling burnt out and not able to perform our daily tasks as well as we would like.

Keeping on top of our health and fitness even when our schedules get crazy is essential for making sure we take care of ourselves and our long term health. Try slowly introducing some of these tips below to work on becoming a healthier, happier, and more productive you.

How to stay fit and healthy on a tight schedule

  • Meal prep

Organising your meals as best as you can is a brilliant way to make sure you are prepared and do not slip towards bad habits (i.e. last minute takeaways) out of convenience. Try and spend some time at the weekend chopping, preparing and cooking. This will make your life far easier during the week and will ensure you have something healthy and nutritious on hand when your tummy starts to rumble!

  • Focus on HIIT

HIIT training has so many amazing benefits but when it comes to being busy, the most notable benefit is the idea that you work harder and not longer. This essentially means you can work for a short amount of time but burn a large amount of fat and calories in the process due to the elevated intensity of the activity. This is a brilliant training method to keep you fit, strong and healthy when your time is limited.

  • Be armed with healthy snacks

How often have you ran to the corner shop to pick up a chocolate bar when the afternoon cravings kick in? Instead try being super prepared with healthy, nutritious snacks that will keep you satisfied and fuller for longer. Snack ideas include fruit with nut butters, Greek yoghurt and berries, a handful of nuts, carrots and hummus and so on.

  • Schedule your workouts

I always say this but treating your workout as you would an important meeting or appointment is the make or break when it comes to keeping on top of your health and fitness. Schedule in your workouts and treat them like an appointment. Regular exercise is essential for your mental health and for managing stress, so treat it the same way you would a doctor’s appointment.

  • Do what you can

Let’s face it, as hard as we try, sometimes life just happens. Rather than beating yourself up about missing a workout or eating badly, reset and move on. Remember that creating room for regular exercise and health activities can be a huge investment for your long term health, happiness and future.

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