With the new normal that is Covid19, you might still be working from home temporarily or you may have even transferred to full time home working. There are lots of great things that come from working at home; saving money on travel, extra lie in, better quality of sleep, earlier nights, calls from the sofa, missing rush hour, home cooked lunches the list goes on.

However this new style of life can also lead to a much more sedentary lifestyle than you might be used to. It may take some discipline and creative thinking, but it so important to remain active even when you have access to the sofa or television on your lunch break! Here are some of my tips for keeping moving:-

1. Schedule in exercise. Just like you would if you were commuting, stick to a routine that includes your regular, daily exercise. It can be tempting at home to roll out of bed and get ourselves to our desk within 10 minutes of waking up, instead get your juices flowing with a quick 20 minute workout to raise your heart rate, energy levels and alertness. If mornings don’t work for you, be sure to use your lunch break so take some time to zone out from work and get some fresh air.

2. Move every hour. This one is so key how many times have you been so absorbed with something that you realise you have been in the same position for 3 hours straight! Be sure to get up off your chair at least every hour to have a walkabout and stretch. Set a time every hour to remind you, when it goes off take a walk up and down the stairs or do some squats or jumping jacks to raise your heart rate.

3. Sneak in extra movement. Throughout the day be sure to squeeze in some extra movement where you can. For example you can check your emails on your phone while pacing up and down, walk around while you’re on the phone and so on. Walking has been linked to increased productivity and focus which is just what we need to get us through that afternoon slump!

4. Try a home workout! If you don’t fancy bringing yourself outside for your normal run, head to the niix app and give one of our many classes a go. From pure pilates, HIIT, strength, weight, barre, cardio training and more there is most definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Try your 7 days free here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/niixfit/id1558824805

5. Fake your commute. This is such a great one if you are missing your routine. Faking your commute is not only great for your body and mind but also an amazing tool for creating boundaries between work and leisure. Check out some tips for creating your perfect fake work from home commute here:   https://www.wellandgood.com/work-from-home-commute/

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