After a few long hot summer nights and some terrible nights sleep, I wanted to talk to our partners and sleep experts Soak and Sleep about how to create the perfect sanctuary to get a good nights rest so we went live on Instagram with a Q&A. For those who missed it here are some great hints and tips to help create the perfect summer sleep wardrobe. 

So Abi, (Soak and Sleep customer service expert) Just what are the fundamental differences between a summer a winter sleep wardrobe?

A:In the warmer months we should all look at changing our bedding to more natural materials, things like; cotton, linen and hemp are all breathable materials which help pull any moisture away from our bodies.
These are all a lot kinder to your skin too. Silk is also a great option, it’s very soft, natural and causes a lot less friction for your hair during the night. 
However, some natural materials such as brushed cotton can be warming to some sleepers as due to the brushing of the cotton going over the weave it covers where the heat will dissipate through.

Q. So what sheets and material should be looking to avoid for a good nights sleep?
You want to avoid synthetic materials such as polyester as they can cause overheating due to not being as breathable. Polyester is often not as soft and smooth as cotton and rarely lasts as long

Q. Can you tell us 3 things that we should consider in our bedrooms to help us get a good nights sleep? 
TemperatureOptimum Temperature is about 18 Degrees. You want it to be cool as your body temperature rises during the night so to stop you overheating start with a lower room temperature to keep you cooler for longer.
Darkness. Try and get your room as dark as possible. Black out blinds are great to help get rid of any unwanted light and if you don’t have black out blinds eye masks are great alternative. 

Nicki: I have a Silk Soak and Sleep eye mask which I love.  I’ve never liked wearing eye masks before but this one is so soft you forget it’s there. 
Reduce any unwanted noise.Try to ensure your room is as quiet as possible, when your trying to sleep you become more susceptible to sound. However, if you sleep near a road where it might not be possible to block out all the noise try to keep the noise consistent some people like background noise, like jungle sounds, waves or white noise for example. You can find apps or youtube videos to help play these in the background to help you drift off.  Or apps like Calm – have sections dedicated to these types of noises to help ease you into a deeper sleep, or even deep sleep meditation which help talk you down if that’s your style. 
You could also try an aromatherapy – room diffuser, or pillow spray.  If it’s dark and your other senses like sight are deprived then smelling something natural and calming like lavender of camomile can really help you drift off to sleep.

Q. Are there any products that you would recommend for women going through the menopause that might get hot flushes in the night?
A. Silk sheets for the fact that the natural fibres have temperature regulating properties. I appreciate they can be expensive,  so a more affordable option is wool, again it’s a natural material so it has the same temperature regulating properties. Even through you wouldn’t think it would help keep us cool because we wear wool jumpers to keep us warm in the winter, but it does. 
Cooling matts and mattress protectors can also help your feel really refreshed when you wake up.

Q. What one thing can we all do tonight to help us get a better nights sleep?
A. Come off all electrical devices 1 hour before bed – no blue lights. We hear this advice time and time again, but you if you just tried it for yourself you would realise just how much it can help get a more restful nights sleep.Read a book or magazine instead of look at your phone.

Q. Do you have any advice about pillows? I sleep on my front and really struggle with my pillow at the moment and a lot of my Pilates clients also struggle with neck pain. What advice do you have about soft versus firm pillows?
A. Neck pain can certainly be caused by the wrong type of pillow, but pillow choice most certainly comes down to personal preference, but there are a few general rules depending on what position you sleep in.
If you are:A side sleeper – opt for a firmer pillow for better support as there is a much bigger gap to fill between your neck and the bed.A back sleeper – medium-firm pillow. A front sleeper – soft pillow with a higher down or feather content
But ultimately , whatever suits you and your sleeping position is best. Try a few different ones out and make sure you note down how well you sleep, if you would like to know more about pillows read our pillow buying guide here.
Got any questions to ask our sleep experts, please do let us know below, or take a look around Soak and Sleeps advice section on their website for some more tips for better sleep.
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