1.Juggling motherhood, work, friends and fitness; what time does your day usually kick off? 

Life is quite busy, I’m in the middle of writing a book at the moment so jugging things is a challenge! We tend to get up around 6.30am every morning – but I am NOT a morning exerciser, never have been! My optimum time to work out is about 5pm in the afternoon.

2.How often do you exercise and for how long?

I’m 37 now and I haven’t always been into exercise. It wasn’t really until I got divorced that I started getting into loads of exercise dvd’s that I used to do when the kids had gone to bed and I really started to enjoy it which I never thought I would do! It was then when the kids got older and I go re-married where I was really able to take my exercise outdoors where I took up running and got really into it.. until I hurt my hip due to improper technique – I just sort of went out and pounded the pavements! So now I really focus on 30 minutes of exercise a day – my whole blog is hinged on doing half an hour of cleaning a day, so I do something that I call a power hour where I do half an hour of cleaning in my workout gear and go straight into my half an hour workout – that way it doesn’t matter if I get messy or sweaty as I’m just combining two messy activities into one power hour!

3.What is your handbag snack of choice?

My snack of choice… is a banana! It’s not very sexy, just a banana!

4.Do you have a favourite clothing brand?

Next! There is an ongoing joke on the blog whereby everything that people ask me where it’s from is either Next or Ikea! I’m almost 6 foot tall and Next trousers are fantastic for their length, and also I HATE going shopping and they do next day delivery!

5.What is your favourite way to relax?

My favourite way to relax is to … CLEAN! That sounds SO bad but I do daily cleaning playlists and the music is banging so if I’m feeling stressed I just power out cleaning in 30 minutes with my headphones on.. I also go for short runs and I love listening to books on audible to really wind down and relax.

6.One piece of advice for your 18 year old self?

That’s a deep question! Appreciate your body at 18.. I’m sure everyone is exactly the same, when you look back at pictures of yourself when you were younger you know you may have had some insecurity issues or felt self – conscious of your body, just to know you’ll look back at that when you were older and say what were you thinking you look amazing! So really I’d go back and say.. appreciate your body, and don’t bring yourself down about it!

7.Which women inspire you?

Women that inspire me… I’m from Manchester and I am quite a Northerner! I really speak my mind and I like honest women who don’t sugar coat things and have a cracking sense of humour… Jennifer Saunders, Victoria Wood, Miranda Hart – she is just awesome!