Have you ever thought about taking collagen supplements?
Last week I caught up with the lovely Natasha, Co – Founder and CEO of Kollo Health to discuss the importance of collagen in your mid – life . Kollo is a daily liquid collagen supplement developed to contribute towards healthier skin, hair and nails, while helping to maintain the function of healthy joints and bones.

From plumper skin, thicker hair and stronger nails to helping with better sleep and digestion, collagen does so much more than just help iron out those wrinkles…. I learnt so much and I will most certainly be adding collagen into my daily routine.

The Importance Of Collagen In Midlife -Q&A with Natasha Whiting

Kollo Health only started this year and it’s already had such great success can you tell the viewers a little more about your vision for Kollo Health and how you and Jenni founded the business. 

Jenni, myself and her husband James were all chatting about running and collagen one day last year and we realised we all had taken collagen in some form or another for years, but had never found the dream brand, so we suggested we make it ourselves. Together we have developed the product we want to take! We launched it in April this year and it’s been going really well! As we grow, we want to continue seeing our customers loving the product and feel its amazing benefits. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the importance of collagen?

As we get older our bodies natural collagen production supplies start to slow down and deplete, so taking a collagen supplement with a high quantity of collagen is amazing for you and has so many benefits, such as freshening up your skin and reduced fine lines, stronger nails, thicker hair, better digestion, better sleep, and even in some cases our customers find their menopausal symptoms are helped with collagen. 

Some of us know that Collagen is good for the skin and joint health but are there other benefits? 

There are SO many benefits to collagen such as….

Collagen is excellent for digestion,  It has also been known to be great for gut health and even weight loss too. 

We have customers telling us it is great for menopause too with a reduction in hot flushes, and bloating since they started taking it. Not many studies have been conducted on menopause and collagen but real customer feedback is enough to tell us that it has been helping which is amazing. 

Sleep – collagen has an amino acid called glycine in it which has been linked to improvements in sleep. 

Energy and mood – Our unique blend of Collagen and 100% RDA of B12 does wonders for your energy levels and overall mood too. 

Hair -by providing the body with collagen, it could help to strengthen the dermis and therefore help with hair loss

Nails, as collagen is a protein, it is exceptional for strengthening nails, and reducing brittleness 

Muscle recovery – collagen is AMAZING for muscle and joint recovery post workout as it restores the nutrients that may have been lost during working out. 

Overall it is a wonder product that has SO many benefits that our customers have experienced in different ways. 

As with all things, if you are on medication or recovering from a  serious illness we recommend speaking to your FGP before you start taking a new supplement.

Tips for Better Skin After Menopause

When should we start taking collagen, is there a perfect age to start and how often should we take it? 

There is no exact perfect age to start, but i think if you are hearing about collagen and it sounds good for you, give it a try. 

Is there any food you can eat that will give you this amount of collagen or is a supplement the best way forward?

Fish. Chicken, Egg whites., Citrus fruits. Berries.Red and yellow vegetables. are all excellent sources of collagen too, but a supplement with a high dosage is going to really give your body what it needs. Also, as Kollo is liquid, it is bioavailable meaning it hits the system a lot quicker than tablets and powders. 

Are there other things we can eat or other supplements we can take to get the most out of taking collagen. E.g Omegas or vitamin C? 

Kollo has the added advantage of having a mixture of Vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12, vitamin C as well as L-lysine, and it is clinically proven, so it has all you could need in a daily supplement. But it can also be taken alongside others if you wish, but if you have any hesitation you can consult your GP first.

What’s the difference in Marine Collagen v other collagens?

Marine collagen is 1.5 times more absorbent than bovone, porcine and chicken collagen and therefore it has an active effect in the body with a better chance of seeing and feeling the results.

Do you have any special offers on and where can people try your sachets?

YES!! Subscribe, it is 15- 18% off the normal price and you cancel any time. 

Want to find out more? Check out our full IGTV video here

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