Consistent, focused training will raise your vitality


First the bad news: science has yet to find a way to avoid ageing completely. Sorry. Even the greatest beauties or the wealthiest, most intelligent people age. It’s a fact for anyone who is born.
There is also, however, good news. To age is also to grow – and that’s the positive way to think about the whole process. We forget that you can, in fact, get better with age – just as long as you’re willing to put in a consistent, focused effort.

Get New Habits

That’s right: if you want to ‘avoid ageing’, you may have to tweak your current habits. With concerted, small steps you can alter many of the elements of ageing that so many of us feel to be inevitable.
You may think the first impression people have of someone else is their clothing. Actually, the first thing people notice about another person is vitality. Whether this comes across in the lilt of their step, their posture or the look in their eyes, energy is key to avoiding ageing in a way that can surpass the visual.

Energy Levels
Focusing on what gives you energy is vital – and that’s why it is central to the niix Manifesto. This isn’t all about looks (well, it is a bit about looks). Mainly it’s about creating the best you for now and the future; how you look, how you feel and how you seem. Some studies suggest high levels of exercise could lead to nine years’ less of ageing.

Importance of Sleep

Essential to having more energy is sleep. Indeed, many say sleep is the new money. In the US, the National Sleep Foundation convened a panel of 18 researchers and scientists who reviewed more than 300 sleep studies to determine the correct amount of sleep we need. There’s no fixed time, but adults between the ages of 26-64 were recommended to sleep seven to nine hours a night.
Getting an extra hour or two not only boosts your health – in many ways – but also means you’re less likely to snack to keep your energy up when it might flag later in the day. Sleep is free. Maybe you might have to give up a few of your binge TV sessions, but revamping your body is worth it. Put an alarm on an hour-and-a-half before you intend to go to bed to remind yourself to wind down. Turn off your phone and head to the bedroom – where there should be no TV, iPad, laptop or other media device.

Take time for yourself

Avoiding ageing does require taking your life seriously to give yourself the kind of love and attention you give to your partner, your children and your family. If you feel you have trouble taking time out for yourself, keep in mind one thing: if you’re not happy, nobody’s happy.

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