Women pre-menopause think their sex lives will improve, but research shows it’s fitness that helps things in the bedroom

74% of women suffer negative mental health as a result of menopause symptoms – worrying about mood swings, weight gain and hot flushes

Lack of GP support leads women searching for experts and communities to talk to

Ahead of World Menopause Day on 18th October 2020, niix fit, the leading workout app catering for women approaching 40 and beyond, has delved into women’s feelings surrounding the menopause. The research spanned UK women across all stages of menopause to help raise awareness of the problems and potential benefits.


With the main talking point being action in the bedroom, it’s revealed that the majority (46%) of women pre-menopause believe their sex lives will improve in menopause compared to 38% of those who don’t. Speaking from experience however, 80% of woman in the menopause said that exercising and feeling fitter is the number one impact on libido, followed by eating healthily (48%) and being on holiday (46%).  

Mental Health

The mental health impact of the menopause remains something that needs addressing. An alarming 71% of those in pre-menopause are worried about its effects on mental health, and 60% of them already feel anxious about it. The top concerns include mood swings (74%) weight gain (71%)and hot flushes (65%).

This is reinforced by women further along the journey too, with those in menopause declaring that a huge 74% of women suffer negative mental health relating directly to the symptoms.

Just a third (29%) of these women in menopause state the experience is better than they’d expected. The number one issue stems from sleep problems (60%), ahead of anxiety (55%), weight gain (50%) and mood swings (47%).


To make things worse, it seems GPs aren’t offering much support on the topic and women are either left feeling isolated and unprepared or being forced to turn elsewhere. An alarmingly low 18% of women in menopause feel as though they received adequate support from their GP, with a dominating 46% of women not even bothering to see their local practice for support at all throughout the menopause.

With women feeling a distinct lack of support, it’s no wonder that women feel the top things that would help are more content and information about symptoms (59%), better access to specialists (58%), and the support of a community of women to talk to (36%).

In an attempt to raise awareness of women at all stages of menopause, Nicki Philips, founder of niixfit, is offering a series of online webinars, workout plans and support groups for women to prepare themselves and voice concerns.

For world menopause day, Nicki has joined forces with menopause experts including Dr Shahzadi Harper aka The Menopause Doctor, psychologist and author Dr Chloe Mitchell, and Emma Bardwell aka The Menopause Nutritionist. The group will be offering a webinar on how to combat all the negatives of the menopause and how simple changes in lifestyle can not only result in easing the symptoms, but an improvement in the bedroom too.  


For more information about the webinar, research and specialist help, visit: https://www.niix.fit/

Free trials of the app are available. Thereafter, the app is £12.99 a month

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The research for niix was carried out online across 1,028 Targeted Respondents either Pre menopause, perimenopause & menopause and post menopause through 25.09.2020 – 09.10.2020.  All research conducted adheres to the MRS Codes of Conduct (2010) in the UK and ICC/ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

For more press information, including interviews with Nicki and high res photography: Matt.williams@keepcomms.com 07818 364 184

Notes to Editors

Background on Nicki Philips – Founder

Nicki has always been into fitness, health and wellbeing. Throughout her 20’s she trained hard, but like many didn’t focus on technique. She looked fit, but wasn’t sufficiently equipped with the correct knowledge which resulted in a back injury in her late 20’s. 

During this time Nicki turned to Pilates, which rehabilitated her back and led her to a full recovery. Experiencing first-hand the positive effects of Pilates, it soon became Nicki’s passion and twelve years ago Nicki qualified as a Body Control Pilates instructor. Nicki quickly built up a repertoire of qualifications including Advanced Mat and Reformer, antenatal and postnatal, Ballet Barre and TRX. Nicki has become the go to pre and post-natal specialist for big names like Anabelle Karmel, she has been quoted in many books about exercise and breast feeding, and she is also listed as a Pilates specialist with numerous sites including: The Sports Edit, Bubele and sleep connoisseurs, Soak and Sleep.

Nicki has changed hundreds of women’s life, she has taught hundreds of 1-2-1’s and small classes over the years in London and the South East where she opened her very own studio. The studio is a thriving health and fitness hub in the area that has inspired hundreds of local women to take control of their bodies in their 40s and beyond.

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