There is a minefield of information out there on the menopause and you are more likely to have discussed hot flushes and night sweats with close friends after all we all have to go through it. Until recently the menopause has been painted in a negative light however what would it look like to approach the menopause from a more positive mindset?

Some things we may not be so familiar with are the more positive aspects of this life stage. The deeper understanding of yourself, a new-found purpose, wisdom and power to feel liberated and educate others on your journey. Yes, we are familiar with shifting the ‘menopausal middle’, some of the more obvious symptoms and so on but what does it actually look like to transform your mindset and embrace getting older and getting better!

Are you ready to make this change? While it is so important to keep it real and understand the discomfort we might experience through this life stage, it is equally important to realise that we CAN take control of this and to note that this too shall pass. Here are 4 steps to start you on your journey to approaching the menopause in a more positive light. 

Draw attention to your feelings.

Not every day will be sunshine and roses and that is OKAY. It is important to recognize everything you are feeling, good or bad. When you’re having an off day what can you do to address this discomfort. It might be taking a walk, taking some time out to read, running a bath. Accept what is happening to you in the present moment and just breathe. Finding more peace with your symptoms will allow you to keep moving forward and know that there is very much a light at the end of the tunnel.

Reflect on what you are going through / have been through

The menopause will teach us some incredibly valuable life lessons. This is a seriously pivotal time in your life. Yes, aging may have taught you that you can’t eat like you did before but what have YOU taken from this experience? Has it taught you to slow down and just be present in the moment? Has it taught you to appreciate the small things in life, or that actually you DO NOT need to do one hundred things at once to feel valued.

Move your body

This is the time in your life to start something new. Your usual fitness class may not be cutting it for you anymore but that is ok. All this means is that there is a perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself and try something new. Get creative, get social, try new forms of training – particularly strength training. Strength, impact and resistance training is fundamental to this stage in your life. It is simply the best thing you can do to look after your body as you age. It helps you stay healthy, agile and active while boosting your metabolism and protecting your muscles and bones. It really is a no brainer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram where I will be teaching weekly workouts focused on strength and resistance training.

Find a clear purpose in moving forward

This time in your life can present you with a crossroads. Maybe your family life, career or certain habits have changed. The great news is with this new chapter comes the opportunity to set new goals and enjoy and embrace this new stage of your life. You are in charge of this next chapter, it is time to take back all that lost time running after everyone else and focus on YOU and what makes YOU happy.

Yes, we are aware of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany the word menopause. But if you really take this time to learn about yourself and your body and celebrate and embrace just how incredible you are, you will recognize that ultimately getting older really is a gift and your new chapter is just beginning!

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