June already can you believe it! It seems crazy that time is flying by although the whole world has completely slowed down! One thing that hasn’t slowed down is our motivation and commitment to bettering ourselves. I’m so proud of all you ladies digging deep and taking this time to work on yourselves, your fitness and your health when it can be so tempting to flop on the couch and feel deflated… Many of you have finished or are heading into the last week of the  niix READY programme which is awesome! I wanted to share with you a little challenge I have been plotting for June…

Wherever you are in the world I would love you to join my #niixSUMMERchallenge beginning Monday 8th June. We are simply BETTER together. Now is the time to unite, connect, support and motivate each other to become stronger, fitter and healthier. Join the niix community and connect with amazing women across the world on the same mission as you!

If you’re ready to keep challenging yourself and start the month strong, here’s how it’s going to work…

1. Set aside 4 days a week to focus on 4 niix classes and a bonus challenge round (see below an example for week 1). These workouts will be posted on Instagram every Monday of each week…

Week 1: Monday 8th June

2. Allow yourself 30 minutes a day to complete these classes and an extra 5 for the challenge!

3. Take some progress pictures. Of your body from the front and the side. This is for you to compare to when the 4 weeks are up.

4. Stay consistent. It doesn’t matter which day you choose to conquer your niix classes, as long as you stay consistent and aim to complete 4 per week.

5. Check in with me daily via the niix Instagram and/ or FB group. Let’s keep each other accountable.

6. Give yourself the BEST chance. This challenge will work most effectively when paired with a healthy, balanced diet. It is important for you to be in a calorie deficit to see the best results. Recording what you eat can be really helpful here My Fitness Pal is brilliant for this and can also help you work out the necessary amount of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat you need to achieve your goals. Have a read of my latest blog  ‘creating a calorie deficit’ to find out more.

Don’t forget to MAKE EACH DAY COUNT. If you stick with us, you’ll feel fitter, stronger and more confident within your body before the month is out. I’d love you to share your post workout selfies with us on your stories using the hashtag #niixSUMMERchallenge.

If you’re not already a niix member head to the shop section of our site and purchase your membership. Don’t forget we are still running an amazing 45% discount off ALL memberships using code: niix45a. Join hundreds of women making the choice for a healthier, fitter and more active life!

Be part of our fantastic #niix community by joining our Facebook and Instagram chat groups (please message @niix.fit directly on Instagram to be added).

See you on the mat!

Nicki x

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