1) However you travel, pack your own food


It can be near impossible to access healthy foods whether you’re travelling by plane, car or ferry. Why waste calories by choosing a pre-packaged, dry sandwich on the plane or at services station.

Bring a Tupperware of your own delicious goodies with you and you can have fresh tasty food without piling on the pounds.

2) Do your research on great restaurants and local supermarkets

Most restaurants and their menus are now online. By doing a little research it’s possible to find a healthy restaurant with healthy options too. It’s also handy to source your local supermarket, so you can pick up healthy snacks such as unsalted nuts and fresh fruit.

3) Keep meals simple


It’s totally possible to pick healthy meals whilst eating out. It’s all about choosing fresh, simple foods with no hidden ingredients. If you can name everything on your plate you’re doing well. Fresh fish or meat dishes with lots of veggies can make the perfect choice. Watch out for dressings, soups, casserole, stews and sauces. These can often be high in calories and have hidden trans fats, sugar, salt, and additives.

4) Drink wisely


There’s no need to ditch alcohol whilst on holiday, but it is important to choose wisely. Watch out for the wine, it’s often served in large glasses which can rack in as much as 250 calories per glass. And cocktails are even worse, pina coladas can be as much as 644 calories each. The best option for weight maintenance would be to go for a clear spirits such as vodka or gin with a sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Not only is this beverage only 70-90 calories, it’s also is free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which can minimise further sugar cravings.

5) Keep moving


Exercise can be incorporated into your holiday in the cleverest of ways, and can be ten times more fun than dragging yourself to the gym.


    • Downloading a pedometer app on your phone and go exploring. This can be a great way to site see whilst burning some serious calories.


    • Do some laps in the sea or outdoor pool.


    • Find the local tennis courts


    • Take a brisk walk along the sea front or promenade


    • Hire some bikes and cycle round the countryside or town.


    • Pack a skipping rope in your suit case, and try skipping for 10 minutes a day. This is an amazing way to burn calories fast.


    • Try new activities like water skiing, surfing, body boarding or horse riding


  • At the airport always walk instead of taking the moving walk way

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