Some of my ‘go to’ healthy post – workout meals/snacks…

When it comes to getting healthy, you probably already know that nutrition is just as important as exercise, but did you know that what you eat after a workout is incredibly important too? What you eat after your run, Pilates class, or strength training session can either fuel or sabotage your success. And no one wants their hard work to go to waste! Eating after exercise is very important to ensure our energy supplies are restored as well as promoting muscle recovery. In order to maximise this recovery process, we need to fuel our bodies with the right foods… This is the most common question I receive … what is the RIGHT food to eat after exercise.

Everyone is different, BUT it is hugely important regardless of our shape and size that we refuel predominantly with protein and some carbohydrates. Protein gives your body needed amino acids in order to help rebuild the breakdown of muscles – enough protein will ensure your muscles are properly recovered to ensure the training actually works! It is also important to replenish your bodies carbohydrate stores – it’s important here to focus on whole-grains, fruit and vegetables.

As far as post-workout snacks go, within 45 minutes of your workout and up to 2 hours after is the perfect time to refuel with a combination of protein for muscle recovery and carbs in order to replenish glycogen stores.

Here are some of my go – to favourites…

1.Leafy greens with lean protein (chicken or tuna)

Image result for leafy greens with chicken

Packed with protein and antioxidants the perfect recovery meal – also brilliant for on the move and really simple to throw together!

2. Green Protein Power Smoothie!

Related image

Banana’s, spinich, kale, pineapple, protein powder and chia seeds are your winning combo here – throw it all together in a blender and voila!

3. Whole grain wrap with turkey, salad and grains

Image result for whole grain turkey wrap

The perfect balance of protein and carbs – really ideal if this slots in for your lunch meal!

4. Omelette with fresh veg

Image result for omelette with fresh veg

Beautiful colours and packed with goodness – super easy to make, a perfect brunch or lunch option :p

5. Greek yoghurt with fruit and honey

Image result for greek yoghurt with fruit nuts and oats

Ooo I love this one – berries are my complete fav! This ones ideal for a light snack post workout, I love it as an afternoon pick me up!

6. Apple slices with nut butter

Image result for apple slices with peanut butter

No words needed – a delicious combo!

Finally… DON’T forget to hydrate! No matter when you work out or the form of exercise you choose to do, stay hydrated. Water is essential to keep your body working safely and productively!