The Power Of Working Out Together

For many people motivation can be a fickle and fluctuating concept, especially when it comes to health and fitness! As the saying goes, we really are better together. Having a supportive fitness community around you is a hugely beneficial tool to push you harder, encourage you to succeed and stay on track, motivated and determined to reach your goals.

No one can better understand your fitness struggles than someone on the same path and same journey as you. A like – minded community who share your passions, your struggles, your questions, offer advice, support, motivation and the power of working out together could be the tool you are missing when it comes to reaching your goals. Here are just a few reasons to join a fitness community…

  1. Friendship. Yes fitness might initially bring you together, but it is simply incredible how much you will have in common with those that share similar goals to you. While your passion for exercise links your with like – minded people, it is our common love for all things chocolate, wine and dancing that keeps you connected!

Rear view of a group of diverse woman friends walking together
  • Accountability. When you join a fitness community, you are automatically keeping yourself accountable. It is such a great place to check in and keep yourself on track. After all if you have told everyone else that you are planning to complete a niix SWEAT class, they will be expecting to hear how you got on! Working out together, alongside others, knowing they are working through the same classes and challenges as you can really push you harder.

  • Challenges. Everyone’s favourite. At niix we know that everyone loves a challenge. A little competition goes a long way! Challenges are a great way to get stuck in, introduce yourself and share your journey with like – minded women. The energy and enthusiasm surrounding challenges is contagious and will really help you to push yourself to the next level! Being competitive with yourself and others is healthy and productive. When you commit to a challenge, you commit to working towards and achieving your goals and enhancing your health, fitness, mind and body through a simply challenge. I can promise you it is well worth it!
  • Fun! We all know too well that working out alone can get a little repetitive. Surrounding yourself with like – minded people with good energy will lift you higher! The great thing about the niix community is we can laugh and have fun sharing each others stories and experiences all while working hard to achieve our goals.

It really is the case that when you have a solid programme and an awesome bunch of people backing you, anything is possible! The power of a community proves it really is possible turn something you once saw as impossible into a reality. The camaraderie that a community brings will not only motivate you to stick to your goals, but also make you feel like you are not alone. There is always someone to turn to to offer a helping hand or a message of support.

What Our niixers Say

‘This app is awesome and the workouts are brilliant. So versatile, no need for any equipment (and can even be done in underwear and barefoot, so perfect for holidays or anyone travelling). You can vary the length of workout depending on the time you have but even 10 mins leaves you feeling so much better. Nicki is super motivating and interacts loads with the lovely supportive community that she has built. Great app!’   – Liz

‘Nicki supplies tutorials and motivation all through the workouts and is so down to earth; bucketloads of additional content on insta/fb and a fab online community full of women on the same mission as me!’ – Lisa

‘The community support is fantastic too and I find it extremely motivating when other members talk about their progress and it definitely helps me to focus on my goals.
Nicki is always on hand and replies to any queries immediately, she is so kind, supportive and such a great instructor, the live classes on the Saturday are an added bonus.
I am so so pleased to have signed up to Niix Fit and I can’t wait to take on the next challenge.’ – Sarah

If you are fed up of feeling alone on your journey, now is the time to make a change. Join myself and women on a mission to get fitter, stronger and confident through their 40’s and beyond through our Facebook community. Together we can achieve more!


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