Let’s talk about periods, incontinence and menopause.

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and our underwear is no different. I think I can speak for the majority of the female population when I declare, that choosing the right underwear, whether that be a thong, French, or Brazilian briefs, is very important.

I know I’m not the only one when I say your briefs determine what outfit you wear and I’m not afraid to state there is no way you’ll get away with a bright pink Brazilian when you’re wearing a white bodycon or fitted trousers and suffering from leaking and heavy periods. Confidence and comfort are key and I know that’s what we all ultimately want.

My underwear drawer was a never-ending pit of hundreds of different types of knickers.

We’ve all been there, right? The drawer with multiple types of underwear; knickers for if I was feeling myself, knickers when I needed to feel comfy or my trusty thong that not even Sherlock Holmes could find when I’m wearing my favourite LBD.

And don’t even get me started on the special collection of 10+-year-old bits of fabric stuffed in my drawer for that time of the month. You know the ones, thread a bit pulled, maybe with a small hole or two – basically, the comfy feeling of being home while you’re having to deal with being outside and around people when we want our feet up and popcorn in hand…

My main goal is that I want to feel secure and confident and not have something that I can’t control, dictate how and what I wear.

As I enter perimenopause, I have seen a whole new side to my periods and it’s shocking! My periods and sporadic and heavy, which meant more pads, more tampons, more underwear for accidents and I definitely chose my outfits more carefully and to be honest, I felt trapped.

So how did I fix this and not let my menopause, leakages and periods take over my life and dictate whether or not I’m wearing a cute outfit today…

BP3 is the answer.

BP3 are an incredible brand, founded back in 2019 by Kelly after she too started her menopause journey and started experiencing leakages and had a tough time with it and the rest is history.

Specialising in an absorbent, no VLP (visible panty line), and pretty and breathable briefs, BP3 will ensure that you will feel protected even during your heaviest periods. Did I mention they are VERY affordable and designed for all body shapes?

I was sceptical at first but when I got my first pair it was an instant game-changer for me. I no longer needed to think about how many pads/tampons I needed to buy, gone are the days where I worry about being comfortable on my period and yes, I absolutely wore that bodycon because guess what? No VPL and they are completely discreet.

If you haven’t tried these knickers, then you need to.  Here’s 15% off to get you started, just use NIIX15 in the checkout.


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