We’re crowdfunding! Become a niix shareholder!

We’re crowdfunding! Become a niix shareholder!

Our crowdfunding campaign to raise £150,000 to make niix the number 1 digital fitness brand for women approaching 40 and beyond is now live on the Crowdcube platform!

By investing as little as £10 you can become a shareholder and join us on our mission to bring together like-minded women to get fit and stay strong, no matter their age or location. Simply click the link ‘Invest Now’ link below to go to the Crowdcube website where you can quickly register and then go straight through to the niix raise.

niix was set up to help all women stay fit and healthy as their life stages change. To do so requires physical strength and energy, but many women struggle to find the time to exercise. niix is the first fitness app meeting these needs by providing short, achievable, home workouts, all of which are designed specifically for the hugely under-served market of women approaching 40 and beyond.

In just two years since launching the app we have achieved:

  • More than 12,000 app downloads
  • More than 1800 paid subscriptions from across 25 countries
  • An average return of 3 x investment on every subscription sold (Av CPA of £3.80 per subscription yielding £12.60 net sales)

With your investment we will:

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Investment Levels & Rewards

As well as the investment benefits, all investors of just £20 or more, will receive additional benefits as follows:

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Investor FAQ

You’ve probably gots lots of questions. Below we’ve tried to answer as many of these as we can think of, but if we haven’t answered your specific one, please do contact us directly at investor@niix.fit.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, as defined by the UK Crowdfunding Association, is a way of raising finance for a business or project by asking a large number of people each for a small to medium sized amount of money. Traditionally, financing a business, project or venture involved asking a few people for large sums of money. Crowdfunding switches this idea around, using the internet to reach thousands of potential funders.

Crowdcube is a crowdfunding platform for start-up and scale-up businesses. It allows individuals to invest in companies that they believe in, in return for shares of the company. Niix has chosen to use the Crowdcube crowdfunding platform to help it raise the funding it needs.

If you invest in a business on Crowdcube you will become a direct shareholder in that company. The amount you invest, and the equity issued by the company in exchange for your investment, will affect the percentage of ownership in the business. Once your investment has been processed you will be sent a Share Certificate and be an official Shareholder in the business.

After two years successfully proving the niix concept and market, it is time to ramp up our activities and grow niix to the next level. With the new funds raised, we will invest in proven marketing activities to rapidly increase our subscriber base and accelerate our mission to become the leading digital fitness brand for women approaching 40 and beyond.

We have partnered with leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, to make investing in niix as easy as possible. Once you have registered with us, as soon as our campaign is ready to go live, we will be in touch. Then you simply need to go to the Crowdcube website and set up an account to invest, which you can do by clicking here.  It’s a very simple process and we will send you clear instructions once the campaign is live.

You can invest as little as £10 but the more you invest the more benefits you receive, see benefits below.

To invest on Crowdcube you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You must also be a resident of the United Kingdom or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of the nature provided by Crowdcube, and are legally entitled to invest in the type of investments offered. Residents in Canada and Japan are currently not able to invest, but for anyone else outside of the UK looking to invest please see Crowdcube’s FAQs

The campaign is scheduled to go live within the next few weeks. You can get exclusive early access by pre-registering here.  This means you will be able to make your investment BEFORE the campaign goes public on the CrowdCube platform. We will email immediately this date is available.

Firstly you need to register as a member of the Crowdcube website, which you can do here. Once our campaign is live on this website, simply enter the amount you wish to invest in the ‘Enter Amount’ box and click, ‘Invest Now’. You are able to pay for your investment using a debit, credit or prepaid card.

If you have pre-registered with us via the niix.website we will email you to let you know, when the campaign is due to go live and when you are able to exclusively access the campaign BEFORE it goes public. All such communications will include clear instructions on how to make your investment via the the Crowdcube platform.

Once the campaign reaches its target and closes to further funding, the completion process begins. At that point, all investors will receive a copy of the Articles of Association via email and will be informed of the cooling off period (a short timeframe where investors are able to withdraw their investment pledge). Once this has expired, which is generally no less than 7 days, the payment collection process starts and then electronic share certificates are issued. We will keep you updated on all key investments milestones, with clear instructions as to what may be needed from you as an investor, at all times.

One share costs £9. The minimum investment you can make is £10.

It’s important to know that nothing is guaranteed. Shareholders could receive a return on their investment if there is a share sale event, such as an IPO (launching onto a stock exchange), a trade sale (sale to another company), or a share buyback.

As well as the investment benefits, all investors of just £20 or more, will receive additional benefits. Please see above.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

For more information about Crowdcube, please click here. For more information about niix’s fundraise please register here or email Nicola at investor@niix.fit