A healthy, quick and easy dish that can be popped on a bagel, rye bread, wholewheat pasta or eaten on its own. Add a soft boiled egg, if going for a brunch option.

Spinach and mushrooms are a great combo and are full of iron, magnesium, Vitamin E & B, antioxidants, potassium & calcium. Green leafy veg as we know is a superfood and although often not everyone’s favourite, combining with other foods is a great way to get it into your diet.

You will need:
2-4 Garlic cloves
1x fresh chilli or dried flakes
Punnet of mushrooms
2x Large handfuls of spinach
1 x dessert spoon of cream cheese

– chop and dice the garlic and chilli and gently brown in your preferred oil with a knob of butter
– add the mushrooms and stir regularly until almost cooked
– add the spinach leaves and steam briefly by adding a lid to your pan
– when almost cooked add a small spoon of cream cheese and simmer softly until mixed in with ingredients
– place on top of your desired accompaniment (toast, wholewheat pasta) or have on its own.

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