You will need

Wholemeal Loaf Bread Slices4Slices
Gram Flour1Cup
Grated ginger1/2Tsp
Turmeric powder1/2Tsp
Ground black pepper1/2cup
Chilli powder (optional)1/4Tsp
Handful chopped coriander30g
Water 1 1/2Cups
Spray of oil1Spray
Spring onions or Cheese as toppings

Sauce to serve with or ketchup


1- Mix all your ingredients in a bowl excluding your bread. Gradually add the water and whisk so your consistency is runny but not watery.

2- Heat a non-stick frying pan with a spray of oil (not much oil required)

3- Coat your bread slices evenly with your batter, turning over a few times until fully covered

4- Fry your French toast on medium heat for 1-2mins on each side

5- Cut into triangles or soldiers and enjoy hot with some cheese, spring onions & dips 

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