You will need

1 cup chopped purple cabbage

1 cup grated cheese

1/2 tsp coarse black pepper

2 wraps


chop some raw purple cabbage lengthwise (like fine strips)

on medium heat, place a wrap in a frying pan

sprinkle some cheese to cover the whole wrap (I used cheddar)

grind some fresh black pepper about 1/4tsp over the cheese

add the chopped red cabbage

add some more cheese (I used grated mozzarella)

grind some more fresh black pepper about 1/4 tsp

cover with another wrap and flip using a plate

let cook 1-2 mins in the other side letting the cheese melt

use a pizza cutter to slice up

enjoy hot or cold

I used sweet potato wraps and chia wraps by @bfreefoods that add to making these evens more delicious and gluten free!

A delicious way of getting your kids to eat red cabbage.

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