You will need

▫️2 tbsp coconut oil
▫️1 large aubergine cut in cubes (without skin)
▫️1 low salt stock cube @kallo
▫️1tbsp gluten free soy sauce @kikkomanuk
▫️100ml water
▫️1tbsp balsamic vinegar
▫️1tspn chilli flakes
▫️1tspn chopped garlic (2cloves)
▫️2tspn grated ginger (4cm roughly)
▫️1 long Thai red chilli   ▫️1 packet firm tofu (same amount as aubergine)
▫️1 tin organic black beans @mr_organic
▫️1tbsp coconut sugar
▫️1 tbsp corn flour
▫️chopped spring onions for garnish


▪️heat 1tbsp of olive oil in a wok or pan ▪️add aubergine cubes and cook on high heat turning occasionally and sprinkling water over the aubergine to keep it moist
▪️whilst that cooks, prepare your stock dissolving the stock cube in 100ml hot water
▪️add to this water you soy sauce, balsamic & chilli flakes
▪️cut your tofu into cubes or strips
▪️ by then your aubergine is cooked so set aside together with the tofu
▪️ heat 1tbsp coconut oil in your wok or pan high heat
▪️fry your garlic & ginger
▪️add 1/2 your chopped red chilly
▪️add your stick water
▪️add your black beans with its waters (aquafaba)
▪️add aubergine & tofu mixing well & still on high heat
▪️add coconut sugar
▪️add corn flour to thicken the water a little
▪️ready to serve, garnish with remaining chillies & spring onions



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