Ultimate Women’s Wellness Retreat

When you think of a retreat, do you want to feel relaxed? Looked after and important? Learn more about yourself and how to make the feeling of absolute freedom last long after it has ended? That’s why we created The Ultimate Women’s Retreat.

Our retreats have been specifically designed for women, to offer a range of different activities to encourage and educate you on new health & fitness habits and create foundations for a healthier lifestyle.

Our retreats are one-of-a-kind, we want you to leave feeling fabulous. We may be entering our midlife and menopausal but we are still so full of life and we can’t wait to see you live it!

Just some of the feedback we have received from guests:-

“The best part about the niixRETREAT for me was coming away with some positive action plans. I have surprised myself by putting at least some of them into practice! I have sorted out my HRT meds, armed with excellent info from the menopause doctor. I have upped my fitness game and am allowing myself time to prioritise my own health and well being – result!”

“Our welcome was amazing and I felt well looked after. The venue and accommodation was faultless. A very relaxing couple of days. The expert talks were important to me as I wanted to gain more knowledge.”

Mind & Body

Our bodies are amazing machines, which is why we need to look after them as best we can. As we get older, this can become difficult. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and come away with us. You’ll be free from distraction, devote time to focus on yourself both physically & mentally. Relax, renew and rest your body and mind in ways like never before


What we eat has a huge impact on our health & well-being. And we want you to feel full and nourished so our  on-site chef will source all our food from local and organic markets and provide you will mouth wateringly delicious meals 3 times a day, with snacks and smoothies in between, that’ll leave you satisfied all day long

Be Active

Fully immerse yourself into our dynamic classes such as Yoga, Pilates, weights,  cardio, yoga & HIIT that offers you an integrated approach to health and fitness for your age- suitable for all levels of fitness.

Our amazing niixTRAINERS will leave you feeling revitalised and ready for the day.


You are worth every single second of ‘me time’ it is essential to our mental health. Indulge in a complementary massage or manicure and unwind in our beautiful gardens, you may even peak a hidden sauna. This is your time to rejuvenate be ready to face the real world again.

niix Experts

Be educated with renowned nutritional and wellbeing expert Emma Bardwell – The Menopause Nutritionist who will dig deep and explain why and how to look after your body through the power of nutrition, she’ll leave you with positive educated habits for life.

Dr. Chloe, our Holistic Psychologist is renowned for empowering women with a pioneering Psycho-Holistic approach, helping them grow beyond their personal circumstances, realizing their psychological and mental health potential.


As we age, it’s normal for us to find it hard to talk about the changes we are going through. This retreat will is not only a retreat to re-find yourself, it’s also an amazing  place to meet like-minded people and make connections that will last a lifetime. Surrounding yourself with people who are on their own journey can have a positive impact on yours/.

What you can expect

  • Pre-retreat questionnaire to understand your needs & tailor your schedule
  • Choice of uniquely styled accommodation, all ensuite 
  • On arrival welcome smoothie and introduction to niixRETREAT
  • Daily gourmet, healthy, balanced & nutritious cuisine meals made with fresh, in season produce – think Ottolenghi!!
  • Daily healthy juices and sugar free snacks
  • Nutrition workshop & take home guide with Nutritionist Emma Bardwell 
  • Motivation & well-being workshop with Dr Chloe Mitchell 
  • Daily Pilates, yoga & strength classes
  • Guided hikes
  • A deep tissue massage or manicure (of your choice)
  • Unlimited water and herbal teas
  • Mini outdoor sauna 
  • Access to expert advice throughout the day and evening
  • Gift bag full of recommended health & fitness products

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