Sticking to an exercise schedule can be tough. For mums and busy working women this becomes a WHOLE lot tougher! After all, how are you supposed to find time to workout when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed!

Between childcare, workplace demands, school, appointments, cooking the meals and everything else designating time purely to sweat can really be put on the back burner. It IS however possible to make exercise a priority. It won’t be easy, and it will take a little reshuffling but it can be done and you will feel one hundred times better for it… Here’s how!

  1. The early bird catches the worm… Now you might be thinking, absolutely not I cannot get up another minute earlier… but while you snooze that alarm for 10 minutes you are missing your golden opportunity to get moving. Let’s face it, if we wait until after work so many things build up and we ultimately talk ourselves out of it.. Have a go getting up 15 minutes earlier and getting a short, intense home workout in(even for just a week) and you won’t look back!


  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule! If you had a doctors appointment or an important meeting you’d schedule in the calendar right? Exercise should be NO different. Create a family calendar and block out that time for you to fit your workout in to ensure it’s non – negotiable!


  1. Get organized.. If you’re going for the early morning challenge the best thing you can do is organize your clothes the night before. Likewise if you’re planning to exercise at work or after, pack your bag the night before and leave it by the front door so there’s no last minute rush or excuses.


  1. Include the little ones.. We’ve spoken about this before but it really is a great opportunity to get your muscles working. If you’re off to the park, find a bench for some tricep dips and step ups and get working on those pull ups on the monkey bars – the kids will love it and you’ll be getting your workout fix!


  1. Become a workout ninja .. The key here.. ALWAYS (where appropriate) dress in activewear! This way – if you’ve got 10 minutes while you’re cooking lunch or dinner you can get some squats, press ups, jump jacks and all sorts done in the kitchen using your surfaces. Break your workout throughout the day 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there.


  1. If the weather permits – walk, walk, walk! Ditch the car and make your commute an active one. Whether you walk, run or cycle try and avoid driving or public transport where possible – this will not only help you achieve that dream bod but is also great for the mind and your bank account!


  1. Substitute that time.. Think of the time we spend on Instagram… Pay attention to how you’re spending your time and figure out where you can take that time from .


  1. School clubs are heaving these days and our kids normally have something on at least every other day. Watching the football match or waiting for the music lesson to finish? Grab some pals and make use of this time to get in some exercise!


  1. Never beat yourself up.. Let’s face it, LIFE happens. Sick days happen, off days happen. If you miss a day DO NOT stress. Do what is best for you, on that day.


  1. Home workouts are your best friend. Here’s where niix comes in! The truth is you don’t need to be going to fancy classes, or forking out for a hefty gym membership that you feel guilty for not using. Home workouts and online classes are JUST if not more beneficial.


  1. Give it 100%… There will be days when you can only fit in 10 minutes here or there or you might know you won’t be able to workout for a while.. Give you sessions all you’ve got – i.e. make it worth it!


When you have a 24/7 schedule exercise is normally the first thing to get bumped off the calendar. However with a little forward planning and some extra effort here and there it is more than doable. Make your health and happiness an everyday priority!