You really don’t need any equipment to get fit

My app focuses on the best, simplest and fastest ways to feeling and looking better. You may be forgiven for thinking that because I am a fitness professional I have equipment and work out gear that I use which I’m not sharing with you. Would I do that? While I am a long-time Pilates teacher and some of my posts on fitness feature a Pilates “reformer” (the big bit of kit that looks like a bedframe with a sliding seat and springs), you don’t need to invest in a reformer yourself. Certainly, I love it but you can get great results in other ways – and that’s exactly what my app is here to do.

It’s so easy to buy another piece of exercise equipment in the hope that this will transform your body. I’m not saying that equipment doesn’t work, but using the equipment properly is what makes the changes. How many times have you bought a book that you haven’t yet managed to read, but buying it almost made it seem as if you have? Exercise equipment is like that: if you buy it, make sure you’re going to use it, and use it properly. It’s too easy to spend money on things that will clutter up your house and that aren’t doing what you thought they’d do.

You can benefit from some equipment, however, the things I like are not expensive and don’t take up a lot of space. Resistance bands – long, stretchy rubber bands that can look like a long rubber scarf or stretchy tube, sometimes with handles – are great for training. They’re easily found online and come in various strengths, which are normally associated with colours: yellow is the lightest; red is medium-resistance; blue is heavier and black is heaviest of all. The trick is not to use them quickly, but in a slow and controlled way. You may also want a mat to protect your back, knees, elbows and other parts of your body from hard floors.

However, the best workout equipment is your bodyweight – as you’ll see in many of the niix app exercises. Resistance training, whether with a band or using your own bodyweight, has been proven to help increase muscle tone and therefore, overall fitness. As long as you have your body, you’re ready to exercise – and it doesn’t get more minimal than that!

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