6 Top Tips when choosing your next Charity Challenge!

In light of the London Marathon this weekend we thought we’d put together some top tips for choosing your next charity challenge! While you might not have bagged your spot this year there’s plenty of opportunity beyond the marathon to ensure you are doing your bit (and having a great time on the way!) I’ve managed to sign myself up for the mud monsters run in June – this involves a journey across muddy fields, up steep hills, through woods, washing off in river crossings, navigating through mud pits, fighting your way through deep muddy bogs, over obstacles with many more muddy surprises along the way! While you can never be 100% prepared for the potentially muddy, exhausting, exhilarating challenge heading your way we have put together some tips to certainly help you feel more on track…

1. Get booked in early!

This sounds super boring and obvious but deadlines can really catch us out. Have a real think about the challenges you’d like to conquer and check out the dates ASAP – as with the marathon applications for big challenges can close nearly a year in advance! Discover Adventure have EVERYTHING listed from a marathon walk through London to an Icelandic Lava Trek (looks unbelievable by the way! – check it out>>>


For those looking to stay a little closer to home Time Outdoors have you covered with thousands of thrilling challenges right on your doorstep – whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or seeking something fun to do with friends your next adventure is just around the corner! https://www.timeoutdoors.com/challenges/UK-challenges

2. Choose your Charity

If you’re unsure which charity to choose head over to Breeze Adventure’s ‘choosing your Charity blog’ http://www.breeseadventures.co.uk/choosing-your-charity/ Factors can include personal attachment, local charities, values and purpose should all be considered when picking the right charity for you. Take your time and do some research – it’s amazing what’s out there!

3. Follow a training plan

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a total pro it is advisable in any charity challenge situation to prepare your body in the best way possible a follow a training plan. While running is obviously the most obvious marathon training it’s so important not to neglect the little things such as core exercises, pilates and strength work. This sort of training is what your body depends on in those last few miles. Form, technique and overall core strength can be the make or break when it comes to how well you can perform in the closing stages of your challenge. There are tons of training programmes available online specific to the challenge you choose. The niix 8 week plan is perfect for fine tuning your body alongside the heavy training and is ideal to slot in on days in-between big mileage to give your body a chance to recover. Staying injury free is absolutely vital when embarking on a challenge like this. One of my niix clients who just completed the Brighton marathon puts a lot of her stamina and injury free training down to practicing pilates with niix!


4. Make sure you are kitted out!

Breeze Adventures have you covered with these specific kit lists http://www.breeseadventures.co.uk/infofaqs/training-plan-kit-list/ dependent on the challenge you are taking on. Our advice would be to do most/ if not all of your training in the kit you are planning on wearing on the day. Obviously clothes can be mixed around but shoes especially should be broken in well before the big day. Kit needn’t be massively expensive as long as it is comfortable and well fitting – check out our workout blog for some ideas on how to choose the right active-wear for you! https://www.niix.fit/blog/spring-clean-wardrobe/

5. Start Fundraising!

The fun part! Once you sign up to a charity challenge you will normally be sent s fundraising pack with detailed instructions on how to get started – the earlier you start the more you will raise! Check out ‘Run for Charity’s’ top 100 fundraising ideas https://runforcharity.com/fundraising/fundraising-ideas/top-100-fundraising-ideas perfect for engaging friends and family!

6. Get organized early!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in training and fundraising the we can easily forget about the boring stuff! How are you getting to this challenge, where do you need to stay, how many days holiday do you need, are you booking that Monday after the marathon off work to allow for not being able to walk! The sooner these are organized the easier it is to really get stuck in.

Most of all – Have fun! To even be considering a challenge like this is a HUGE achievement, you are already doing incredible! Share with us you’re training as you embark on your challenge journey – we’d love to hear from you @niix.fit, Good luck!

Team niix x

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