As well as exercise to keep our bodies in good shape it’s also important to eat a healthy diet to ensure our bodies are getting the nutrients we need.  I like to nourish my body from the inside and out, making sure I get the vitamins and minerals I need from my food, but also from the products I use in my daily skin case routines.  I have always looked for natural ingredients to help my skin get that rich healthy flawless glow and I love discovering companies that are kind to the planet too, so I’ve recently been trying a range of skin care from Tropic. An award-winning Green Beauty brand backed by the investment guru himself Lord Alan Sugar.

I have been using a selection of Tropic products for the last few weeks and I they really are fabulous. Not only do they smell delicious, but my skin feels soft, clean and nourished.  The cleanser is particularly brightening and the moisturiser gives me a great post cleanse glow. 

I wanted to ask Tropic more about their products, so spoke with Tropic Leader Francoise De Smet and here’s what she said;

“Our skin is our largest VITAL organ, 16% of our body weight and our first line of defence to the outside world. We wear it every day and literally holds us together! Pretty important wouldn’t you say? 

Having spent 20 years in the health and wellness industry helping my clients look after their health and wellness and keeping their bodies in shape, I was surprised that it had taken that long to learn that our skin absorbs up to 70% of what lands on it! That’s into our blood stream and potentially adding to our Body Burden. I was then shocked to learn that the personal care industry is self-regulated and don’t need to safety check products before putting them on the market or even disclose all of the ingredients in their product! 

Whether you have a long-winded routine of many steps looking after your skin, or a simple one of wash and go, I believe it’s a vital skill to learn to read the product ingredients label just as you would a food label. We are continually exposed to toxic ingredients on a daily basis, and although many of those we have no control over as it’s in the form of pollution, pesticides and even stress. We do however have a choice over what we put on our personal environment and we can do that by making changes to cleaner (toxic free), natural products. 

I want to help educate others on how to make these changes and working with an infinite purpose of helping create a healthier, greener, more empowered World. I truly believe that if you wouldn’t eat or drink it….. it shouldn’t go on your skin!”

If you would like to try some Tropic products you can take a look at their products here:


Spend £30 or more to get free delivery. 

If you want to check out my morning skin routine log in to Instagram live on Monday 8th June at 10am  Francoise will be taking me through some of the products benefits live and there will be prizes up for grabs, so log in for the chance to WIN!

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