We are really excited to have been featured in The Telegraph at the weekend talking all things lockdown, weight loss and the positive effect and benefits that even 10 minutes of daily movement and exercise can bring.

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Can this 10-minute workout shift your lockdown pounds?

Our interiors editor tries out a workout app perfectly suited to harassed homeschoolers

Fitting in exercise these days isn’t easy, particularly if you have children still off school. Niix is an exercise app founded by fitness instructor Nicki Philips, aimed at women approaching their 40s or above, who want to work out at home, with a mix of low-impact, high-intensity cardio and core-strengthening exercises. I’m trying the 10-for-10 programme that is aimed at those without much time to spare – which sounds like me.

What with juggling working from home, homeschooling two children and endless cleaning and laundry, life feels like a treadmill, even though my husband and I are sharing the load, so I’m keen to try a new exercise regime that I can do in short bursts.

What’s it all about?

It’s a programme of 10 intense 10-minute classes. There are nine exercises in each class, such as burpees, press-ups and curl-ups, with a 10-second rest between each one. It’s not unlike PE with Joe, but for grown-ups (although my three-year-old daughter did join in a couple of times).

Do you need any fancy equipment?

No, just an exercise mat. You use your own body weight for resistance, and tend to stick to the mat, so you don’t need much space. You don’t even have to wear gym kit, just stretchy clothes (who isn’t at the moment?) – although expect to get quite hot.

How much work can you really do in 10 minutes?

You’d be surprised. My heart rate was up considerably within about 20 seconds of starting the first workout. There’s a female-friendly focus on the core and lower body, while exercises such as mountain climbers and jump squats provide the cardio hit.

Is it better than a free YouTube workout?

Having a set programme that you pay for motivates you to make time for a workout each day. Also, I liked Nicki – she gives you constant pointers throughout each exercise, and she’s encouraging without being annoying.

Will you keep it going?

Yes – I definitely felt stronger after finishing the programme, and there are lots more classes to try on the app; plus it’s easy to fit into a busy day, so I can see myself sticking at it. I find early morning is the best time to exercise, before everyone is up – and the workouts are short enough timewise that if my children do wake, they can join in and it will hold their attention.

Three things to consider

​There’s a tutorial you can watch for each exercise, so although the 10-for-10 classes are short, watch the tutorials first to make sure you get the most from it.

Other courses on the app are tailored to specific fitness levels and goals for example easing lower-back pain, or workouts for women recovering after childbirth.

The niix app only works on a tablet or smartphone, so you’re limited to a fairly small screen, unless you can stream from your phone to your TV with a casting device.

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