Menopause can feel like you’re entering the unknown, sometimes sudden and HUGE change to our bodies in more ways than one. It can be unpredictable but one thing for certain is that every single woman will go through it, so it  makes sense that we prepare for it as best we can, right?

It’s no secret that symptoms of menopause vary greatly and widely. Some women may only have one or two symptoms and others may have ten or more.

From hot flashes and sleepless nights to vaginal dryness, mood swings, weight gain and weakening bones – it truly can be a scary experience and something we are not taught or don’t often openly speak about. So, it’s completely natural to feel isolated, confused and worried about how to look after your body in the right way.

One of the BEST ways you can prepare for menopause is STRENGTH TRAINING. 

Although strength training is important at all stages of our lives, it’s never too late to start, there is always time to help your body thrive.


What is strength training?

Strength training is all about improving your overall strength, flexibility, mobility and athletic ability. It works your muscles in a fantastic way by using your body weight, resistance bands or weights. Over time this will increase your muscle mass, leaving you stronger and fitter. It’s an all-around do-gooder.


Why do we need strength training and how is this connected to menopause?

Did you know that a women’s muscle mass actually decreases from age 30? This accelerates when menopause hits, due to the loss of oestrogen.

Unfortunately, menopause is no walk in the park and the loss of oestrogen has a huge impact on how our bodies work. Oestrogen is a women’s main female sex hormone and is responsible for not only preserving our bone density but also keeping our vaginas lubricated, helping maintain body temperature, keeping our cholesterol low and providing collagen which helps provide structure to our skin and bones.


How will it affect my body for the better?

Strength training has been seen to outdo traditional cardio and aerobic exercise when it comes to weight loss due to its ability to improve our resting metabolism. The more muscle mass we have the better our metabolism and more energy we burn. This means we reap the rewards and calorie burning long after we actually finish the workout itself.

This type of exercise is paramount as we age due to the improvements it makes to our balance, posture and alignment. Research suggests strength training has been positively linked to fewer falls due to improved balance, coordination and posture.

Research has also revealed that strength training has positive effects on our energy levels and our mood due to the increased endorphins produced when engaged in this style of training. It has also been linked to better sleep. Many women struggle with sleep during menopause so this is a great step forward to helping yourself sleep better.

Even just doing 10 minutes of strength training 3 times a week will have a huge impact on your life and how your body works. It also helps to define the arms, waist and legs, increasing confidence and sustaining a balanced weight. The benefits are really endless. 

Menopause or not, strength training is a fantastic way to improve your way of life.


How do I get started?

If strength training is completely new to you, do not fear, everyone starts somewhere. Check out my fully guided sessions of strength training on my app that is specifically tailored for women in their midlife, perimenopause and menopause

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