about niix

about niix

The story

I am in my 40s and I have always been into fitness, health and wellbeing. Throughout my 20s I trained hard but like many didn’t focus on technique. I looked fit but wasn’t sufficiently equipped with the correct knowledge which resulted in a back injury in my late 20s.

During this time I turned to Pilates and what started as an interest soon turned into a passion. 12 years later, with a range of qualifications and 10 years studio-based coaching under my belt, I’m so proud to have helped hundreds of women aged from 30 to 75 to gain confidence both physically and mentally.

I want to share my coaching life with as many women as I can

Seeing their success has brought me so much happiness over the years and now I want to share my coaching life with as many women as I can.  I’ve seen first hand how age and busy schedules are no barriers at all, if you have the right mindset and guidance. Bodies do change as we get older and so must our approach to health and fitness. I learned that it’s not about spending hours in the gym every day or endless gruelling runs. I fuse together the best of Pilates with cardio exercises into carefully curated classes lasting 10-30 minutes for mums and women approaching 40 and beyond.

Developing good technique requires learning and understanding

I also learned that being more mindful of posture and exercise technique is crucial. Developing good technique requires learning about each exercise and its effect on your body and women who develop this understanding achieve better results in less time. So niix method involves teaching clients as well as training them.

why choose niix?

niix specifically helps busy mums and women approaching 40 and over keep their bodies strong and safe for life.

The niix method comes from ten years’ hands-on studio experience with hundreds of women aged 30 to 75.

niix programmes are made up of guided sessions that teach as well as train leading to better body awareness, better technique and better habits.

Every niix session fuses Pilates and cardio fitness exercises in an intelligent way to deliver proven outcomes.

my philosophy

Transform how you look and feel

I created niix for mums and women approaching 40 and beyond who I hope to inspire the world over to become stronger, healthier and more confident about their bodies. niix Method is an 8 week programme packed with variety and designed to fit into your busy daily routines, anytime, anywhere with no equipment required plus I will be with you by your side through every class and every tutorial. Accompanied by nutritional guidance and recipes, niix Method will help you to achieve great physical results. And the beauty of it is that forging these good new habits requires only small changes to perspective and practice, yet with profound impact. Often it won’t take much to get on the right course but doing so will transform how you feel and look.

Are you ready?

So I ask you; are you ready to break away from bad habits, bad technique and feel strong, healthy and fearless? Are you ready to resist physical decline and weight gain?  Are you ready to resist negative thoughts about your body? Then you’re ready to join the niix resistance and start your journey with me towards being a fitter, more confident you!

Growing older is inevitable. Growing older feeling confident and strong is a choice.

Join the resistance. Feel happy and beautiful. Feel enthusiastic about your body. Enjoy age defying fitness with niix.

Join us for a year and pay less than £1/week, or pay monthly at £9.99.


Join us for a year and pay less than £1/week, or pay monthly at £9.99.