Roasted cauliflower with Harissa and Tahini Dressing

I love that vegetarian food is so easy to make but always really tasty – who said vegetables were boring!! This was so good…. It’s going to be on repeat this winter.

Harassia dressing
2tbs harissa paste
Large glug of olive oil
1-2tbs maple syrup or agave
Mix together until all blended

Tahini dressing
300g yogurt (used @fage_uk Total)
1 garlic clove diced
1tbs tahini @cypressafoods
Juice of half a lemon
Drizzle of balsamic @belazu_co

Spinach topping
1 red onion & garlic clove finely chopped
Large handful of pine nuts (Brown in frying pan)
Wilt a bag of spinach on top

Hard boil the whole cauliflower
I made two dressings one with Harassia and Tahini
Paste the Harassia sauce over and roast in the oven (25-40 minutes at 180)
Plate up – adding yoghurt tahini dressing first, roasted cauliflower topped with spinach & pine nuts etc.
Absolutely fabulous!

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