If you’re wondering if attending a retreat would benefit you, look no further for 5 reasons why you should choose a retreat over a typical holiday.

Firstly, what is a retreat?

Retreats are very diverse and come in all shapes and sizes from fitness and wellness to spiritual healing and trauma counselling. However they all have the same structure and end goal – for YOU to escape from everyday life and leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and educated, ready to take on the world.

Retreats can be an amazing place to relax and totally unwind from a busy and chaotic life. This safe haven will offer you exactly what you need and can give you time to reflect, educate and heal in the way that’s best for you.

You can find retreats that take you somewhere secluded and exotic or perhaps even 10 miles down the road from where you live, no matter where retreats are fully committed to taking care of YOU.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a retreat over a typical holiday.

Retreats will completely take care of you

Planning a holiday can be stressful, even if your end goal is just to relax and unwind with your other half. From choosing a good hotel, wondering if you should dive into an all-inclusive stay to arriving and still having to look after yourself because there are so many other people to look after it’s impossible to cater for every single person.

A retreat is an exact opposite. After you book your retreat, every second you are there you are completely and utterly looked after. You are fed nutritious, fresh food that will leave you feeling energized for the whole day. Activities are pre-planned so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of where and what you should be doing and the locations of a retreat are renowned for their relaxing and gorgeous grounds, views and facilities.

You will leave feeling educated and ready for the world

Most retreats will provide you with professional guidance and experts who will take time to educate and council you either as an individual or as part of a group. This can include workshops, exercises, training and talks. For example, if you are going on a retreat to help with understanding your menopause and changes during midlife, your retreat may provide you with a professional who can educate you on how to look after your body, how to recognize certain symptoms and how what you eat and how you take care of your body can help reduce these symptoms.

Educational retreats are really worthwhile and knowledge learnt will equip you with the correct tools long after the retreat is over.

Retreats are exclusive

Retreats are small and exclusive which means there are often only 10-20 people on them at a time. This is a huge benefit of a retreat and if you’re wondering why the price may be higher than you expected, this is one of the reasons – it is exclusive.

Because you are part of a small group, the retreat can cater for your individual needs and give you the best possible experience. You are treated as an individual not part of a pack. Some retreats will also give you a health/self-assessment prior to the retreat to ensure they can meet your needs. For example, if you are going on a wellness retreat to help lose weight, a health assessment beforehand will benefit you to receive professional guidance on HOW to look after your body long term.

You are joined by like-minded people

Retreats like to cater for your specific needs and it will attract like-minded people who have the same goals as you. Whether it’s a grief retreat, meditation retreat or a midlife management retreat. This is a fantastic way to talk about your experiences, life and share tips and advice. People often make friends for life on retreats.

This can be really beneficial to your mental health. People often struggle alone and feel like nobody understands them. So, when you meet someone who is in a similar place to you, it can feel amazing to know you’re not alone and have someone to help you and offer friendship, guidance and support.

It’s like nothing you have ever experienced

It’s hard to truly understand how amazing and beneficial a retreat can be to your mental and physical health if you’re yet to experience it. If you are still wondering whether a retreat will benefit you, then there are so many reviews, recommendations and websites to help you make a decision based on your needs.

Life can easily make you feel stressed, stuck and struggling and a short retreat can really change the way you see your life and where you want it to go. It can help you focus on what’s important and look at your life in a different way and help you take back control when you leave.

Most retreats will also hire a professional chef to encourage positive and sustainable eating habits that’ll last a lifetime. Take time to eat mindfully and register what goes into your body and how that will make you feel on the inside and outside.

So, yes retreats can be extremely beneficial and everyone should experience this opportunity at least once in their lives. And it’s not something you have to do alone, you can bring your partner, a family member or a friend to experience it with you. Often people who attend retreats together feel closer and more in sync long after the retreat has finished.

As you may already know, niixRETREAT is hosting a midlife and menopause retreat on the 17th-19th of May. If you would like more information click here and register your interest. You will be sent an information pack on exactly how this retreat will benefit you and our planned schedule.

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