How To Prepare For The niix LOCKDOWN 4 Week Challenge

The niix LOCKDOWN challenge kicks off on MONDAY (9th November). I am so excited for us to come together as a team and work towards our goals building positive habits and keeping motivation and spirits high during this unprecedented time.

niix LOCKDOWN challenge week 1

Our new 4 week LOCKDOWN series is a chance for women to unite become stronger TOGETHER. Join me for 4 weeks of exclusive home workouts and become part of our incredible niix community.

Who Is The niix LOCKDOWN Challenge For?

Our 4 week series is for EVERYONE. No matter your age or ability we are encouraging you to simply go at your own pace and ENJOY it! All the workouts can be done with absolutely no equipment, but there is an option to add light weights and a resistance band where applicable if you would like.

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up is super easy. Simply head to this link Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email of everything you need to take part. If you are already a member of the niix app the challenge will be included in your subscription, simply head to your emails to redeem your exclusive challenge code.

What Is New For The Challenge?

ALL classes will be completely brand new. Your niix LOCKDOWN subscription package gives you access to:

  • 4 x niixRESIST classes (strengthening and toning, resistance bands and light weights optional)
  • 4 x niixSWEAT classes (cardio/ Pilates fusion)
  • 8 x daily challenges (to track your progression)
  • 4 x niixBODY classes (low intensity interval training fused with Pilates)
  • 4 X niixLIVE classes (30-minute blend of Pilates, strengthening, cardio and total body fusion)

There’s something brand new for you to do on every day of the niixLOCKDOWN challenge but remember the goal is to get and keep moving so focus on doing what and when you can. All classes will be live at 9am and available to catch up later in the day (zoom classes exclusive to app members after 9am)

How Can I Prepare For Monday?

Now you’re all signed up and ready to go it is all about being organized and giving yourself the best chance to succeed. Here are some simple tips to implement over the weekend to help you prepare in the best way possible

1. Schedule

Now this is the easy part. All workouts will streamed LIVE at 9am and will last 20 – 30 minutes. If you cannot make that time, don’t panic. The Instagram and Facebook classes will remain on the social pages for you to catch up on. The zoom classes will be exclusive to app members only once the live stream has finished. Simply head to the app store to download the niix app so you can catch up on all the classes at any time. When you have established a time that works for you every day (or as many days as possible), write your workouts in your diary as you would a meeting or appointment and stick to them like glue!

2. Meal Prep

Remember…you cannot out train a bad diet. Give your body the best possible chance by fueling yourself with nourishing, healthy foods over the weekend to give yourself the energy boost we all know we will need when that alarm clock goes off on Monday morning! Where possible think about what you will eat during the week and take some time on Sunday to prepare. Good Housekeeping https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/a28377603/how-to-meal-prep/ have got some brilliant ideas on how to simplify your cooking and take some time for you, saving yourself a lot of time and money all while eating healthy and working towards your goals.

Fuel Your Body

One mistake people so often make when taking on a new challenge is to go all guns blazing on a strict, and let’s face it, normally impossible diet. Making sure you have enough fuel to perform optimally will be the key to your success. Plan your meals around your workouts. If you like to eat before your morning workout give yourself enough time to eat your breakfast and digest. If you cannot stomach the thought of breakfast, grab yourself a banana or a healthy alternative to give keep you feeling energized throughout your workout. Be sure to refuel as soon as possible with a protein based meal to allow growth and repair of the muscles. Through this 4 week challenge really focus on avoiding refined sugar and lots of alcohol. While boredom may cause us to reach for the wine bottle, you’ll be amazed at just how great you feel when you shift your focus to nourishing your body with goodness.

Don’t Do It Alone

We all need an accountability buddy. Or better yet A LOT of accountability buddies. Be sure to join our niix FB community group for daily support, advice and motivation. But also share this with your family and friends and take on this challenge together! Don’t be shy, we love to see our wonderful niixers posting their workouts and selfies on social media, use the hashtag #niixLOCKDOWN to be featured on our page!

Trust The Process

Like all challenges, this series has been designed to push you out of your comfort zone. It will feel difficult at first, but dig in and know that you are doing this to be the very best version of you. You will be amazed when you stick to it just how much easier and stronger you will become. When it gets tough and you want to throw in the towel, take a break but NEVER quit. Go at your own pace, dig in and just keep showing up, I promise you it will be worth it!

Now you are ready to get started – so get excited! I cannot wait to grab the next 4 weeks by the horns and feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident TOGETHER!

Nicki x

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