Starting a New Year the right way can often be challenging! However, there are so many ways we can stay fit and healthy. Think back to 12 months ago when you set your goals and resolutions….did you see them through? Or did you drop your new found healthy habits by the time February came around? You can make the start of 2023 your most productive and healthiest time yet, here’s how:


1. Start your day RIGHT


Aim to have a protein dense breakfast. Not only does this help to keep you full for longer but it helps your body’s ability to control glucose and insulin following the consumption of sugary carbohydrates. Hormones will also feel satiated and balanced reducing fluctuations. Protein has also been seen to support weight loss by increasing muscle mass (when exercise is included) & the amount of energy we burn – meaning our metabolism works harder and we are less likely to gain weight.


2. Set REALISTIC goals


This one is so important. If you are someone who can never make your resolutions stick, it might be that your goals are unrealistic. For example, if you have never run a mile before, setting yourself to run a marathon in the next few months might not be the best idea. Instead start by running 5/10 minutes a day, build this up slowly and set your goal to run for 20-30 minutes at a time. When this becomes easy, move your goal to 30-40 minutes and so on. Results take time. You will not see changes overnight or all at once, but you will see changes if you stick to it and focus on consistency. Give yourself the time and chance to make a difference and big changes will come.


3. Implement SMALL dietary changes


There is literally NO point trying to completely eliminate or restrict yourself from the foods you love. All this will do is make you want it more. What you can do, is make small but sustainable changes rather than biting off more than we can chew. A couple of ideas include; lowering your sugar intake, reducing fizzy drinks, implementing 1 or 2 more home cooked meals a week, reduce your portions, add 2 more servings of fruit and vegetables, drink 2 more glasses of water and so on. These small changes will help you to build long lasting and life changing healthy habits.


4. MOVE your body

Of course, this one’s on the list! As little as 10 minutes of daily exercise can be hugely beneficial to not only your physical but also your mental health. Exercise does not have to be gruelling hours at the gym. Focus on short bursts of high intensity activity. Walk and stand where possible and make sure to get your heart and blood pumping daily for massive long lasting health benefits. Try to add strength training by lifting weights or using bands to build muscle mass & increase bone density, If you are not sure where to start, download niixAPP, follow @niixfit on Instagram and have a read of some of the amazing benefits of working out for just 10 minutes a day here


5. Get an EXTRA hour’s sleep

Sleep is so important but how often do we shove it to the back burner? We are all guilty of doing this but prioritising sleep over the late night TV or even reading sessions, can be immensely beneficial and have a positive impact on your mood, energy levels and healthy lifestyle choices. Sleep is where our cells regenerate, ensuring our bodies are able to fend of bugs, function better and keep us feeling more energised and overall healthy, 


6. HYDRATE more

Drinking water is so underrated when it comes to thinking about how we can be healthier. Drinking water is absolutely crucial to keeping your body functioning effectively and is a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss. Hydrating your body effectively improves our energy levels but also can prevent us from overeating when we are really just thirsty. Not sure how to up your water intake? Check out these brilliant hacks for sneakily adding more water into your diet here


7. Limit ALCOHOL consumption

We all like to have a tipple over the festive season, however, not only does alcohol have a negative effect on our mood the following day, it is hugely calorific and disruptive to our hormones and organs. Limiting intake can really have a positive effect on how we feel.  By drinking less, we are allowing our liver to process the alcohol we consume. When we feel drunk, it is in fact a sign our liver is saturated. Repeating this regularly over long periods of time, can be damaging to the liver.  This doesn’t mean we need to stop completely, but by being mindful, reducing your intake and aiming for 2-3 consecutive days of abstinence, it will allow the liver to recover and regenerate. 


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