5 Ways To Create Fitness Motivation That Lasts

What is your biggest barrier when it comes to all things health, fitness and looking after yourself and your body?

If motivation, or rather lack of is what is holding you back, you are not alone! Motivation and just not feeling it is one of the most common barriers to exercise.

No matter how fit and healthy we are, all of us at one point or another will experience a lack of motivation at some point. Often we feel geared up and ready when Monday comes around, but as the week goes on life gets in the way and it is very common for us to slip back into old habits. This can be especially common when we rely on what we see on the scales every morning!

It does not have to be this way though. Have a read of these tips that might just give you the extra boost you need the next time you’re thinking about swapping the trainers for the slippers!

  1. Make Monday count. It may sound cliché but there really is no better day to start. Starting your week with a workout can set the tone for the days ahead and ensure you have put your best, positive forward. Not to mention how great you feel afterwards!
  2. Make a plan. Printing off a workout planner, challenge or even just jotting in your diary what you are going to do and when can be make or break when it comes to fitness motivation. If you are not following a plan you are far more likely to lose interest and slip of the bandwagon. Having specific, measurable plans in place allows you to tick off each day you have completed. This is not only extremely rewarding, but it also works wonders when it comes to keeping you motivated and driven to succeeding. Having a routine is key to success, have a read on how to create one here.
  3. Prepare the night before. You know those mornings where everything is crazy, you’re running late, you can’t find what you need and before you know it your workout has been shifted to ‘I’ll do it another time’. The easiest way to overcome this is simply to be prepared. I’m talking everything you need (down to the socks!) laid out for you to simply throw up while you’re half asleep. Whatever you do make sure it is staring you in the face so you cannot ignore it!
  4. Find more from your why. So often when we think about our health and fitness journey’s we default back to ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I want to tone up’. These things are great but if you are stuck in a rut these will not be the things that will get you out of bed in the mornings. Instead dig deeper to find why you have set yourself a challenge and chosen to do this. Is it so you can live a longer, healthier life to spend with your family, is it to set a positive role model for your children, or to combat mental health issues and generally move to feel better? There is so much more to our journey than the numbers on the scales, focus instead on how you feel.
  5. Never feel like you are on this journey alone. Exercising at home might feel like a lonely place… but it does not have to be! We have a fantastic community of like – minded women on the same mission as you; ultimately to become fitter, stronger, confident and to overcome barriers including age, time and of course motivation. Join our Facebook community and wake up and feel inspired everyday to workout and become a better you.

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