Now with Blue Monday (seemingly the most depressing day of the year!) out of the way, the only is up! January can be a really tricky time for many of us. It is dark, cold, the Christmas joy is a distant memory and what with a global pandemic added to the mix positivity can seem a little hard to come by!

But it does not have to be this way! The closing few weeks of January (and beyond) are absolutely crucial for staying focused and carrying our new year, new habits forward. With not much going on in our social lives right now (let’s face it!!) It really is therefore the perfect opportunity to knuckle down and focus on being a better and healthier YOU.

Did you know, according to the Harvard Business School, just 8% of people achieve their new year goals… that is a huge 92% that do not bother to see their goals through, a group we DO NOT want to be a part of.

So what is the solution? When It gets to this time of year and you are really struggling to find the motivation and break through your barriers. What can you do?

  • Set SMART goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time – bound goals are KEY to your success. Claiming you will NEVER eat your favourite food again is just a recipe for disaster. Instead, break it down and start small. If your goal is to lose weight and eat healthier, set yourself a time frame, give yourself a realistic weight loss target and aim to begin to replace unhealthy components of your diet with healthier alternatives. Rather than cutting out dessert completely, think about a healthier option that will still satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Set yourself a CHALLENGE. Sometimes the only way to get through a plateau is to really dig deep and stick to it. You might not see instant results but your consistency and dedication WILL pay off. Our niix in app challenges are the perfect way to really challenge yourself and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Remember, progress is progress. If you are setting your alarm, getting up and getting moving, you are still 1000 steps ahead of the people still lying in bed. Trust the process! Talking of challenges, our January BACK TO FIT challenge is now live and ready for you to join at any time! Head here to get involved and join the fun!
  • Find your SQUAD. Together we really are better… A strong, motivating and inspiring community is amazing for keeping you on track and accountable. On days where I just do not feel like it, I know I simply have to check in with my amazing niix ladies and they instantly inspire me to shake it off and get moving. Having like – minded women to share your struggles and successes with is sure to make sticking to your goals and habits that much easier. Head to FB to join our fantastic niix women here.
  • DON’T beat yourself up. Perfection is unattainable. At niix we strive for progress.. We know it is completely unrealistic, not to mention unenjoyable, to show up and workout for hours on end everyday while depriving yourself from the foods you love and running yourself into the ground. We are all human. We ALL have off days, myself included. Rather than beat yourself up and focus on everything you have failed to do. Think about the amazing things you HAVE done and CAN do. Set yourself a target of 10 minutes of movement a day. Sometimes it might be a workout and last longer, other times it might literally be a quick walk or some squats in front of the TV. Do what you can and remember ALL movement counts.

Stay on track through January and beyond with our exclusive new BACK TO FIT challenge featuring three BRAND NEW instructors. Check it out.

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