Everyone wants a piece of you. But “me time” is worth fighting for


We all look at models in magazines – and sometimes forget that looking good is their job. Conversely, we also forget that we can achieve incredible improvements in our own looks, energy levels and happiness by making small yet persistent and well-designed changes to what we do.

The niix Manifesto is easy and clear. You can do it. You really can. You just need to be willing to make a change. If you fall by the wayside, get up and continue to make that change. It’s not hard. And it does work. We can’t do the work for you, however. Nor should we.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise, if you’ve done little since school or if you simply want to make a few small improvements. niix is there to support you to make better choices which build into a new way of looking at life – and with a new way of life looking back at you.

You can’t fail so long as you keep trying. Even if you slip up once or twice – even if you slip up for a week – get back on it and keep adding changes until you feel the benefit.

For example, it might be hard to carve time out for yourself from your family, but they’ll reap the rewards when you find you’re feeling more energetic.

Getting to bed one hour earlier could be the stepping-stone to losing a stone, having more energy and knocking that craving for a biscuit at 4pm right on the head. Dark chocolate digestive? Coffee cream? Bourbon?

Walking to the office rather than taking the bus could mean a better sense of emotional balance by the time you walk through reception.

It isn’t all practical, of course. This is the attitude that can make you glamorous, positive and full of fresh ideas. You can be stronger, fitter and more confident and look amazing. While this may not happen overnight, it will happen given a positive outlook, persistence and a willingness to find a new way to be a new you.

Remember: you didn’t get to how you are today in an instant. It took decades. It’ll take a while to see changes for the better.

The niix Manifesto doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and laze around on the sofa all day browsing biscuits2go.com.

It does mean that you value yourself enough to provide at least the kind of attention you’d give a pampered family pet: decent food, water, exercise and rest. The idea is to get your own tail to wag. Fabulously.

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