I think i look better now than i did when i was younger. In fact, people have a hard time guessing how old i am- and i’m not alone. So many men and women who have adopted a positive attitude to diet and exercise, the looking after yourself approach, really  are aging better than the generations before them. However, it’s not all lettuce and Lycra, being ageless is also about your state of mind.


‘Middle age’ tends to show images if slouching, grey people with no energy. Yet, many of us are perhaps at the age that our grandparents were when they were slowing down? A lot of us tend to do what is expected, but we now also have the freedom to reinvent ourselves in a way that was once unprecedented.

If you want to reshape your body, you can.

If you  want to study for a University degree, you can.

If you want to run a marathon, you can.

Unlike several decades ago, few will think you wanting to do these things strange.


Many of us have started to fight the idea of growing up, and we’ve started to become more spontaneous. If I have the chance to go for a run, and i want to, i will. Or, if i want to wear an outfit that belongs to my daughter, i will. We are fortunate that in our society there are now few boundaries placed on us; the only limits we have, are those we put on ourselves or those we haven’t found ways yet to break.


According to a survey by the marketing agency SuperHuman (The Telegraph, 2017), 96% of women over 40 do not feel middle aged. The same study found that 91% of the 500 women interviewed believed that the advertising world does not understand them. As well as this, a huge 84% don’t define themselves by their age; and  i also feel this way. No wonder there is now a new marketing term for us perennials.


What i find with my friends and clients is that age does not matter; it’s our energy and curiosity to learn and experience new concepts that’s important. I’ve even found myself returning to things i once thought i didn’t like, and actually really enjoying it. The key to being a  perennial is openness. Do not be afraid to be wrong, take risks or make mistakes, just keep trying and carry on. Almost act as if you’re in your teens again!

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