Buying exercise clothes can be an unexpectedly important element in the overall scheme of improving your fitness. While it is tempting to use whatever you like to relax in at home – one of those old Juicy Couture plush suits, maybe – it helps to have workout clothes that you don’t actually use for anything else. Why? Because designated clothing tells you that it’s time to get down to business much as a warm-up does to your body and mind. You may also wish to get specific, for example wearing the correct trainers for working out indoors or running long distances or visible rainwear for outdoor running.


Great activewear is just like any other item of clothing that makes you feel fantastic: your spirits are lifted, you feel more energetic and it’s simply more fit for purpose. Don’t be surprised, however, if you also find that great-looking activewear can make you want to workout more or better. It’s the same feeling you get when you wear your favourite shoes or jacket; clothes you love can make you feel invincible and that’s a worthy investment. While you can spend a lot of money on designer brands (yoga leggings are a prime example), you needn’t opt for the most costly items. There are terrific-quality tops, leggings and other bits from high-street shops, many of which are celebrity designs aimed at the exercise crowd. So don’t feel that you have to workout in anything ugly, sloppy or poorly fitted.


A small investment can make a huge difference to how you feel – and buying new workout clothes is a commitment to your own self-betterment. You can shop online, of course, but fit is also important. Don’t be afraid to find out how you like your things to fit – tight, loose or in-between. What you wear is down to you (and some sense of functionality) when you blast your abs or swing into a Downward-Facing Dog. How many pieces you should own depends on how much time you’ve set aside to exercise each week. It’s good to have at least two or three sets of things you can use for whatever it is you want to do. Remember, too, that brands will vary – one thing that fits in the leg may not fit elsewhere. In short, workout wear is just as important as what you wear to work or out to dinner when it comes to how it makes you feel.

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