Menopause is still extremely misunderstood in today’s society which is why we’re working together with partners to help bust the myths about menopause and shed some light on what really happens to a woman’s body during this phase, whilst embracing the fact that every woman’s menopause journey is in fact unique.

Did you know: 75% of women with menopausal symptoms visit the doctor for help with their symptoms and yet 80% are turned away with nothing. Most women turn to self-medication and end up in google rabbit holes, some women find products that work, and some do not, we are here to tell you there is an easier way.

A natural product that can:-
• help alleviate skin outbreaks
• manage weight gain
• help reduce tiredness
• increase energy levels

This product is called MPowder, founded by Rebekah Brown. MPowder is a first-of-its-kind supplement, making serious waves on the UK wellness scene and with good reason!

Rebekah, was in her 40s experiencing brain fog and yet got turned away from the doctors because she was ‘too young’ to experience menopause symptoms, which left her lost and confused about what was wrong with her. Rebekah turned to numerous products and resources and found little that could help her, which is why she started to collaborate with doctors and nutritionists to create the world’s first plant-based supplement powder range crafted to target the three distinct biochemical stages of the menopause together with a go to platform to help women navigate through their journey into menopause.

MPowder isn’t just a product, it’s a community which provides you access to some of the best information out there from some of the leading experts in Women’s Health today. We have teamed up with them to run seminars about specific issues that face women today like Bone Health and Osteoporosis. he Expert Series also explore topics like the science behind acupuncture to the latest research into CBD, Cold Water Therapy, Breathwork, HRT and more. Come with a curious mind and leave feeling equipped with knowledge to manage your menopause.

To access some of the best products to help alleviate your perimenopause symptoms, look no further. Find out more about MPowder here.

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