Hi! So I’m answering some questions today given to me by the lovely Nicki @niix.fit

  1. Juggling motherhood, work, friends and fitness what time does your day normally kick off?

My day kicks off at 7am when the alarm goes on and I take the little one to school. I don’t normally get my proper outfit on until I get back so I just sling on some jeans and a hoodie, a bit of lipstick to brighten up my days and hope no one sees me on the school run!

2. What is the best part of your job?

I have a few different jobs. As well as Instagram I write music for Mary Berry for TV and I teach the piano! The best part of being a piano teacher is the unbeatable joy you get from watching the children and adults you teach who are really into it, who practice, compose and do well! The best part of writing music for TV is actually when you hear your music on TV, it’s incredible. The best part of my Instagram work – it takes me out of my comfort zone, I’ve met some gorgeous ladies and made some friends for life so I have been very lucky!

3. Having lost weight and found new body confidence what would be your advice for someone just starting on their weight loss and fitness journey?

What did it for me was having a goal, my goal was to get into slimming world magazine and I managed to do that – just having that little goal to keep me motivated really helped. Also the goal of just being able to go into any shop and buy clothes (obviously I do that too much now!) but now I can really enjoy it and what inspired ‘40 not frumpy’

4. What is your go to handbag snack?

Usually a special k bar or a punnet of blueberries, I do love fruit luckily, so I usually take some blueberries to work to snack on they keep me full and they are really good for you too!

5. What is your favourite clothing brand?

Now if you follow me – you already know that it is definitely Zara. Apart from their sizing, I like the style – they are a bit out there, brave, a bit edgy so definitely Zara! I also like oasis – but nothing beats Zara!

6. What is your ideal way to unwind?

Box sets or reading a good book. Playing the piano, you can really switch off and unwind and I really love cooking.

7. What piece of advice for your 18-year-old self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Love yourself a bit more, don’t drink as much! And don’t eat sweets … I ended up with fillings! But mainly… just chill – everything is going to be ok – it’s all good!

8. What women inspire you and why?

My friends inspire me for all different reasons. Several of my friends I have met through Instagram, my friends in real life. All going through their own things, doing wonderful things, coping with things that I could never cope with… brave, strong and beautiful ladies all inspire me. Famous ladies inspire me too … Cheryl Crowe, Jo Whiley, Davina who I have met recently.

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