I’m definitely partial to grazing!! I love a good snack. If you work at home like me, you may feel a whole load of temptation when it comes to food and find it hard to avoid dipping your hand into the biscuit tin when you hit that mid-afternoon fatigue!

I have never been the one to necessarily restrict when it comes to food, I love it too much and it gives me the energy I need to function mentally and physically. BUT the choices we make are essential to fueling our bodies better and ensuring we don’t load up on sugary or fattening foods.  Keeping a balanced diet not only helps avoid sugar spikes and slumps but can regulate our metabolism, and weight and keep us satiated for longer.

I love to chew on carrot sticks and hummus, nuts or pieces of fruit throughout the day and still manage to eat 3 balanced meals in a day without worrying or feeling guilty for what I’ve eaten…..something we should never do but often do.

If we take just a few minutes (that’s all you need to peel and chop a carrot…so no excuses) we can create a delicious & healthy snack rather than opting for the naughtier, less nutritious options. When I know I’ll be on the go, I’ll grab some nuts or fruit – something healthy instead of opting for a chocolate bar en route from the garage!! BEST of all a healthy snack always tastes better than you think.

Here are some of my favourite snacks (nut butter features heavily!!)

🥗 Celery Sticks with nut butter

🥕 Carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus or guacamole

🥬 Baked kale crisps

🍦Greek yoghurt with granola and berries

🍎Apples & nut butter

🍇 Dates with nut butter inside

🍌 Fresh fruit bowl

🥣 Homemade granola bars

🍿 Popcorn

🍫 Melted dark chocolate with raspberries to dip

🫐 Yogurt with berries

🥯 Wholegrain tortilla with guacamole dip


The above is fulfilling, healthy and delicious, BUT of course, we need to be mindful to eat in moderation.

To maintain a healthy weight we need to balance what we consume versus the energy we burn. The more muscle we have the more efficient our bodies are at burning fuel. So making sure we move our bodies is not only great for cardiovascular health but by building muscle, long term it can help to maintain a healthy weight.

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