Breakfast, brunch……or any time of the day! This high protein, eggy bread with a twist is so good.

Mix it up with other fruit, chocolate nibs or buttons (!) for the kids….here’s the ingredients:

Sliced bread (I used mixed grain)
Sliced banana
2 eggs (use 4-5 for more portions)
Teaspoon of vanilla essence
Cinnamon (could add nutmeg & turmeric too)
Milk of choice (approximately 1 cup per portion)

Whisk ingredients together and pour over the bread and banana until well soaked. Pop into a frying pan on a low to medium heat to cook slowly. The thicker the bread the slower you will need to cook (keep flipping!)

Drizzle with choice of maple syrup, honey, date nectar – I used coconut nectar. Oh and a dollop of @pipandnut

Definitely one for all the family.

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