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Here’s what Deb has to say about mid life, can you relate?

When was the last time you thought about you? Really thought about what you want out of life? Chances are, it’s been a while.

And that’s not unusual. We can all get so caught up in the busy-ness of juggling life that ’you’ often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. After years of doing the grown up stuff – holding down that job, paying the rent, raising kids – you might not have really stopped to ask yourself what you want out of life for a very long time.

Perhaps the kids are growing up, leaving you with a little bit more time to think; perhaps you’ve been in the same job for a while and are thinking about a change of direction or taking on a new challenge; perhaps you want to get more of a handle on your wellbeing; or simply want to update your look.

Reaching middle-adulthood can be a time of big change and reflection for a lot of people. The physical, emotional and hormonal changes we start to experience as we reach our 40s are often a trigger that makes us revisit the dreams and aspirations we had in our twenties. Are they still the same, or do you want something different out of life now?

After years of being someone else’s ‘other’ (girlfriend, wife, partner / mother / daughter / boss), isn’t it time for YOU? Time to ask yourself  ‘who am I now, and what do I want?’

Life can throw a lot our way, and everyone’s life circumstances are different. We might experience things at different times, paces, or intensities depending on our own personal circumstances. But there are some common themes in midlife; empty nest syndrome, awareness of your own mortality, bereavement, illness, planning for retirement, menopause, divorce to name a few.

All these things, in their infinite variations and layers can really knock us sideways, and it’s perfectly ok to have a wobble, to feel confused or directionless. And this year more than ever, it seems we’re calling into question our choices and options.

As our ‘life’ roles, circumstances and identities change, we need to give ourselves the space, time and permission to accept and adapt to these changes.

At The Midlife Hub were big fans of making a plan

In fact, the whole mission behind The Midlife Hub is to help people navigate the changes that reaching midlife can bring.

Sometimes when you feel like you’re in a life-sink-hole it can be overwhelming or hard to know where to start, and often we overcompensate by trying to do everything all at once.

We all know that New Year’s resolution feeling…. we’re going to lose weight, take up jogging, drink 6 pints of water a day, get a new job, and start volunteering at the local food bank. But by the 10th January, we’re back to Netflix box sets and those news trainers you brought to start the couch to 10K haven’t been taken out of their box.

At The Midlife Hub we think it’s important to think about what’s important to you, right now. And here we stress again, what’s important to YOU. 

YOU as a person; not in the ‘other’ roles you play. What is it that is (or isn’t) working for you? What do you want to build on and nurture, and what changes do you want to make?

Some of these might be big ticket items like changing career or starting your own business, or they might be smaller commitments like learning how to eat better, or updating your wardrobe.

We’re big advocates of starting by making just a few actionable commitments to get your started.

That’s why we created the Midlife MAP. It’s a (FREE) service that helps people think through their midlife needs, and create their own personalised midlife plan. And then, if you need us to, we’ll signpost you to trusted local businesses and services that can help you reach these goals.

You can book your Midlife MAP session here

About The Midlife Hub

Finding yourself under prepared and overwhelmed by the emotional, physical and hormonal changes that midlife brings? It can be pretty overwhelming, and leave you feeling a little lost. Finding support you trust can be hard, and honestly, who has the time to wade through it all?

The Midlife Hub is your go-to guide to midlife.

We connect you to Midlife services and support; delivered by experts you can trust. We’ll help you create your own Midlife MAP and our concierge service will make that MAP a reality; leaving you the time and energy to get on with doing the do.

Straight talking information and support; from menopause to money matters, relationships to work, wellness to careers, we’ve got it covered.

Simply helping you live your best (mid)life.

You can find out more about The Midlife Hub here

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