Starting Monday 9th November

niix LOCKDOWN challenge. 4 weeks of classes, ZOOM workouts, and support.

I am so excited to offer this awesome niix LOCKDOWN 4 week challenge. This programme has been created and designed to offer a glimmer of hope during these heavy and testing times.

From Monday we will be kicking off our brand new 4 week challenge. Exercise has always been a source of stability, strength and peace for me throughout challenging and testing times. To begin each day with movement and clarity does wonderful things to our emotional and mental state – something we could all certainly focus on right now!

As a Pilates instructor and PT with over 12 years studio experience, I hope to bring my credibility, experience, technique focused, carefully curated classes to your living rooms.

What to Expect From The niix LOCKDOWN Challenge:

  • Once you sign up you will be emailed full instructions on how to access your classes and niix community
  • 4 workouts with Nicki a week (on IG, Zoom and FB) plus 2 weekly challenges to complete in your own time
  • A weekly schedule to keep you on track and focused
  • Access to our Facebook Community support
  • Weekly check in emails
  • Daily inspiration across our social channels

All this and more for just £5!

Get Prepared for the niix LOCKDOWN 4 week Challenge with These Simple, Effective Tips…

Make sure you get enough good quality sleep. Being well rested not only energizes you through every burpee or stretch but also keeps your hunger hormones in check so you aren’t undoing your efforts by overeating the rest of the day. A good sleep is also super important after exercise giving your muscles a chance to recover.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You already know that drinking your H20 is crucial to overall health, but it plays an especially important role when you are sweating it out, make sure your body is properly hydrated since you are losing water. Staying hydrated is crucial for keeping your energy levels where they need to be.

Grab a snack. If you are not feeling a pre-workout snack, there’s no need to force food down ahead of time, but don’t ignore your body if you feel like you need some fuel. You don’t want you to be starving, but you don’t want you to be feeling full either.”

Make sure you are wearing the right clothes and footwear. Being able to move, jump, run, stretch, and get into certain positions and poses is about more than just your athletic prowess or your mobility and flexibility. It is about having the right gear for the job.

Work in a dynamic warm-up. Skipping your warm-up is a definite no-no even if your workout is only 10 minutes long. The warm-up is meant to give your body the opportunity to raise your body temperature, increase range of motion, and prepare yourself for what you’re about to do. It also helps decrease your chance of injury.

Stretch it out. A cool-down brings your body back to a resting position. Stretching may also be beneficial for joint mobility and range of motion.

Refuel with post-workout nutrition. Giving your body the fuel it needs to recover after a tough sweat is essential. After a tough workout, your body looks for carbohydrates and protein to help replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscle, respectively, so getting your body the nutrition it needs to recover in a timely manner is important. Plus, not eating after a workout can leave you feeling ravenous later on and no one likes to be hangry and tired.

Log your workout. Keeping track of what you did will help you keep challenging yourself each time you exercise. It is also a great way to make sure that overall your workout routine is giving you what you want. Look back at what you did and how you felt while doing it and decide when it’s time to go a little heavier or a little faster or do a few more reps, or maybe when it’s time to slow down and take it a little easier. You can then look back at all the time you have put in and the progress you have made and pat yourself on the back.

I can’t wait to see your progress

Nicki x

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