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I am passionate about movement and keeping a many people fit & healthy.  With the current quarantine measurements in place, it means many of our older population are unable to continue with their usual fitness activities and routines.  That is why we have decided to offer the niix app FREE to all those over the age of 60 until the end of June.  Here is a taster of one of our classes with the help of the lovely Lesley.

It’s possible to be as fit and strong in middle age and beyond, as in your twenties but our bodies change and our approach to exercise needs to change too. In particular, exercising correctly with the right technique and posture becomes far more important as we get older, both in terms of getting better results efficiently and also reducing injuries. 

Having the ability to move our body helps maintain independence and self-confidence.  Just because the biological clock is ticking, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on looking and feeling our best. Building some great habits will fight the natural signs of age and even reverse the process.  

Exercise helps to keep the immune system functioning which, in turn, fights off many common diseases and conditions. Light cardio and even going for long walks have been known to lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease. The older we get, the older the cells in our bodies become and tend to change. It’s important to stay active to maintain our muscle mass, but also keep our bodies strong to stay injury free for as long as possible.

Weight bearing or light resistance training such as Pilates is important to help build bone & muscle density.  As we age, the risk of osteoporosis becomes a reality, especially for women who have reached the menopause, where bone density severely reduces due to a drop in oestrogen.  Pilates in particular can help you work on essential motor skills such as balance and co-ordination plus build muscle and overall body strength leading to increased bone density.  This all aids with staying as nimble, strong and reactive as possible. 

The main thing as we all get a little older is to learn the right techniques and incorporate these into regular short , effective and efficient exercise routines. The results will be evident quickly. You’re never too old to start leading a more active life.  You are never too old to join the resistance!  

If you were born before 1960 and you are currently being advised to stay home, we would love to offer you access to niix programmes for free until the end of June.

How can you claim your FREE app!

Download our app via the apple app store or google playstore. Create an account by inserting your email address and a password and then email alex@niix.fit adding your year of birth ie: ‘1956’ to the subject title and we will unlock your account for FREE!

What are you waiting for – your fitness journey starts TODAY!

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