20 minutes? Even YOU have time for that!

Things that take just 20 minutes…. gearing yourself up to actually workout, scrolling through Instagram, deciding your most recent caption and thinking about what to cook for dinner… something to add to the list, just 20 minutes of movement that will help you work up a sweat and TRANSFORM your body.

Contrary to the old fashioned belief that a grueling 1 – 2 hour session in the gym or a long, boring and quite frankly painful run pounding the pavements is what you need to get fitter, stronger, more toned and lose weight, working out for 20 minutes (yes just 20!) comes with a plethora of life – changing benefits (not to mention it is FAR more enjoyable).

These short, sweaty and hugely effective workouts are NO joke. Have a read of these benefits to find a reason to schedule just 20 minutes a day for movement:

  • Faster results

We are all familiar with HIIT (high intensity interval training) and the reason for this is quite simple – it REALLY works. Short bursts of effective, smart cardio gets the blood pumping, the heart racing and the muscles working quickly and effectively. Research has proven that working out for 10 minutes at high intensity intervals is as effective for cardiovascular endurance as a 45 minute run. niix offers a plethora of these high intensity classes, head to the live workouts section to get involved! https://www.niix.fit/live-classes/

  • Burn more calories

Let’s face it, burning calories is a huge reason why a lot of us choose to exercise. So if I told you you get more back for your buck with regards to calories in just 20 minutes you would want it right? Research suggests that calorie burn, along with cardiovascular endurance, paired with a healthy diet is far more effective in short, high intensity activity than a steady long run/jog. Sign me up! Not to mention the calorie burning benefits just keep on coming with this type of activity (long after you have kicked your trainers off and finished sweating). Regular, consistent HIIT training can actually improve your metabolic rate keeping unwanted weight at bay.

  • Stay youthful

The gifts just keep on giving. Research has proven short, sharp and intense 20 minute workouts to have a profound, beneficial effect on ageing. As we age, the less efficient our energy producing cells become. By performing regular HIIT training this ability actually improves and can slow down the ageing process if performed consistently.

  • Improve your mental health

We all know about the benefits of physical activity on our physical health, but do we actually consider our mental health and wellbeing. These shorter workouts reduce the feel good hormone endorphins at a far quicker rate than a long winded jog or gym session. These workouts are far easier for us to schedule in and manage within our busy schedules meaning we are far more likely to wake up and do the workout and receive the desired benefits. Just 20 minutes does not seem like a chore and therefore keeps us looking forward to our workouts rather than dreading them and writing it off altogether. While ‘high intensity’ sounds daunting at first, it is widely recognised that this type of workout is considered fun, varied and enjoyable. This is likely because these workouts are time – efficient, creative and designed to be fun and energetic meaning you are more likely to stick to it and keep coming back. Studies suggest just 10 minutes of exercise can have beneficial effects on your brainpower, energy levels and productivity!

If lack of time has been your excuse for not working out for a while, this is your solution! Head to the niix app and try hundreds of workouts under 30 minutes that are sure to leave you building up a sweat!

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