In the first few weeks of your workout/ fitness journey it is not unusual to fill full of determination, motivation and commitment. It is new, exciting and fun! It is only really when you get a little while into this routine that the motivation can start to slip slightly, or you find yourself less energetic jumping out of bed in the morning to fit in your workout.

This is not at all unusual and can happen to everyone, no matter how determined we are to reach our goals. There are always days when we feel a noticeable struggle or we might temporarily lose the spring in our step. That is why there is so much out there to help us stay on track and overcome these temporary barriers. A few tactics include:

Switching it up. Sometimes we just need to rejiggle our workout routine to ensure we are getting the variety and depth we require. Head to our ‘live workouts‘ section to find a huge variety of niix classes that you can join.

The encouragement of a friend of family member. Lockdown has been lonely and a long time for some.  Now the social distancing measures have been eased it is easier to meet up with a friend in the park and crush your workout together.

Positive self- talk. A positive mental attitude and self-talk is key to ensuring you get up and go. Give yourself some love, hype yourself up and celebrate all victories no matter how small. Remember your WHY.

Positive motivation and quotes. Positive quotes are a great way to boost your motivation and morale especially when you have hit a bit of a brick wall on your journey and you need a bit of a lift. Here are some of my favourite to keep me feeling inspired to reach my targets:

Yes this is one we have all heard before but it couldn’t be any more relevant. When it comes to health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition and positive healthy changes, you will NOT see results overnight. It is important to approach your journey with a long-term mindset and realise every small change you make will lead to a healthier, more sustainable long-term of living.

Another one of my favourites and so relevant to the here and now, something many of us have had to remind ourselves in the last few months. It is so important when you hit a stumble in the road or a barrier to remember that this is just temporary. Keep working through it and working hard and you WILL be rewarded for your efforts. This too shall pass…

Don’t you ever quit! Stick to the fight even when you feel really deflated. Balance is an absolutely KEY thing to remember. No one is perfect ALL THE TIME regardless of what you might see on Instagram. We all have our struggles, be kind always and focus on you.

Just START! That is all it takes and that is really the hardest part. You’ll find once you finally take the plunge to make a better, fitter, happier you, you will never hit the snooze button again. Building a habit takes time, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.

How many times have you waited for Monday to come around to ‘get started’… There will never be a perfect day, or a perfect moment to kick start the journey of reaching your fitness goals. The time is NOW… This means we do not hang around and wait for things to come to us, we should get out there with a positive attitude whatever the weather, take challenges head on and enjoy the journey! Remind yourself that even the tiniest of positive changes can have huge, long term benefits on your health and wellbeing.

We are all on our own independent fitness journey’s, but one thing we have in common is that we ALL will struggle from time to time, that is life. It is moments like these where a positive, motivational quote can be just what you need to remind yourself you can do this, you are more than capable of whatever you put your mind to!

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