If you have been working hard on your fitness and training you might have come across some achy and sore muscles – also known as DOMS – delayed onset of muscle soreness and fatigue. These aches can be extremely painful (especially if you’re just starting out!). But don’t worry, you do not have to suffer. I’ve put together some simple ways to help relieve these aches and pains and speed up muscle recovery so you can bounce back for your next workout

1. Hydration

As always, keeping yourself hydrated ranks top of the list! Water is the absolute best thing you can fuel your body with pre, during and post workout. Hydrating your body post – exercise is essential to rebalancing the necessary electrolytes in your body. These electrolytes contain minerals such as calcium, sodium and magnesium – all essential for a healthy, functioning body and nervous system.

2. Refuel

Whether you workout first thing, in your lunch break or just before dinner it is essential to refuel your body within a 30 minute window. Check out my list of helpful, healthy post – workout snacks for some inspiration! A snack with a solid amount of protein and carbohydrates can help speed up the recovery process by fueling your muscle tissues with the nutrients they need to repair. Smoothies, protein shakes, fruit and yoghurt are all some great examples.

3. ALWAYS warm up and cool down

It is so common when you are keen to get your workout done and over with to skip through the warm up and cool down. If you are constantly sore, this is where you are going wrong! A warm up is so crucial for preventing injury, elevating your heart rate to the zone it needs to complete your workout effectively and preventing overstretching or strain. A cool down such as a gentle jog or stretching session is equally important for preventing injury and soreness. Head to the library section of the niix app for a detailed breakdown of these components.

4. Take at least ONE rest day per week

Resting your body is crucial for repair. Sometimes a good night sleep and an early night can be just what you need to speed up the muscle recovery and get rid of any lingering aches and pains. Listen to your body, rest when you feel you need. This will help you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on your next workout.

5. Try active recovery

On your rest days it is really important to try and add some form of movement so your body does not seize up completely. A gentle walk, stretching session, something as simple as taking the stairs over the lift can really improve the muscle recovery process and ensure you are getting the full benefits from your rest day.

Give these muscle recovery ideas a go to bounce back after your next workout! If you’re feeling refreshed, energized and ready head to our live classes section to see what we’ve got going on this week!

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