So you do your squats, eat your vegetables, have a regular workout schedule and stick to a balance diet, but when you step on the scales the number stays put so you are left wondering what on earth you must be doing wrong.

This is known as a plateau reaching a state of little or no change after a period of activity and progress. If you have been training long enough it is more than likely you have experienced plateau on your journey at some stage. So what now? First things first you must establish:

– Have I really plateaued? Weight loss is not a linear process and results take time. Plateau is when your weight has not changed for 10 – 14 days, focus on your trends over time. If your weight continues to stall, focus on the following.

You are not getting enough quality sleep

If you have had a hard time breaking through your weight loss plateau it might be down to your evening habits. We should be aiming for between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Failing this, combined with late night snacking and a late, heavy dinner can contribute to weight gain. More sleep equals more recovery. More recovery means a more consistent, effective workout programme. Try and aim to wind down and relax one hour before sleeping this will really help your mind and body switch off and contribute to a restful, peaceful sleep.

You are guessing your daily calories

Many people are under the assumption that they ‘should’ be aiming for a certain amount of calories per day. For example, you might assume you need 2000 calories daily, but you actually require 1800 calories to lose weight. These extra 200 calories per day might be the reason you are not reaching your goals. While it is important to track what you are eating you should never let it rule your life. Focus more on mindful eating and the quality of the foods you are consuming i.e. nutrient dense.

You are bored of your workouts

Do you find yourself waking up every day and doing the same thing. Without actually realizing you might have become bored with your workout schedule. If we are bored we can become complacent and lazy with our workouts without realizing. Make sure you vary your workout between strength, cardio, hiit, pilates etc. This will encourage your body to work harder, push through your comfort zone, build muscle and burn more calories. If you are looking to shake your workout up make sure you give one of our live workouts a go! https://www.niix.fit/live-classes/

You use your workouts as a free reign to eat whatever you like

It is as easy as calories in, calories out right? Not quite. This system only works if you are in a calorie deficit i.e. you are burning more calories than you consume. Rather than get fixated on the calories you are consuming and burning focus more on the quality of the food you are consuming; lean meat, fruit, vegetables and wholegrains are great options.

You are drinking your calories

It is very common for liquid calories to add up and become a culprit on your weight loss journey. Just because you are not chewing does not mean the calories do not count. Calories in sugary fruit juices and fizzy drinks can add up. Staying hydrated with water is your best option for controlling your appetite.

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